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Readers Respond: What's the Most Beautiful Place in Greece?

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From the article: Pictures of Greece
I'm prejudiced- Greece is gorgeous. Other than averting my eyes passing some industrial areas, I rarely find a Greek vista I don't love. But, that being said, there are some which are particularly dazzling. What's your favorite view of Greece? Share it with us here.

Parga is Heaven below the skies

If Mt Olympus was the heaven for the ancient Gods then surely Parga was their beaches, their swimming, their place to go sailing.
—Guest Ange Kenos

Its a tough choice....

Manmade imo would be the venetian harbour in chania. God given would be samaria gorge
—Guest Nikita

Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

The most beautiful place in Greece is the Temple of Poseidon illumined by the full moon, there is a single tree near the temple and I had my picture taken under it. The temple seems to be floating in space at night as it is illuminated by lights all around it. It is an unforgetable sight...... almost surreal.
—Guest Kathy Karamolengos

Greece is Beautiful

Too much beauty to pick just one. View hundreds of short video clips taken all over Greece and you can find your 'most beautiful' (free on our Video Gallery of Greece at CelebrateGreece.com)
—Guest CelebrateGreece.com

Most Beautiful: Santorini & Aetos, Messi

Santorini is the most beautiful. However there are other places that are beautiful. My father's village of Aetos, Messinia is beautiful. I want to go back.
—Guest Helen LoBosco

Stealing Greece's Land

Greece was the first Civilization and naturaly Germany especially, along with all other Countries want the oldest arts, etc. in the World. Greece also has a magnificent topography for vacationing and fun. Why wouldn't every other Country want every part of Greece? There are many other ways to settle the economical problems without Greece selling itself off!! Last year Greece had a higher percent of exports than imports. This is a great accomplishment. It can increase each year. Why aren't the other Countries of the EU helping Greece more than wanting to buy its History? That is an insult and an easy way for you to get what belongs to Greece from the Beginning of Time. I feel the other Countries should try and help Greece or which ever Country needs it at the time. I have given you only one idea that I know of. Help them with their Exports so Greece can earn more Euros to pay their Debt.
—Guest Julia Angelopolus

Greece is my heart of hearts

Hydra is the most beautiful place. Pristine in every way. Peaceful with the lack of anything motorized except for the one emergency golf cart. My life's goal is to win the lottery and move to Hydra with my husband so we can live the dream!

greece is beautiful

they say in greece,there are so many balconies... what that means is ,a spot to enjoy the amazing views !!
—Guest michalis

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