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Readers Respond: The Best Greek Island is ...

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Everyone wants the perfect Greek island for their vacation in Greece - but which one is that? Note: While I'd love to have you register with my site, it is not necessary to register or log in to post. Share your favorite!

It has to be Crete!

There's no doubt - it's big enough to enjoy for weeks but the little beaches and ports feel like a tiny island - but if you get bored, there's another great little town a little farther along and the main road and the roads in general are good.
—Guest Crete Lover

Italy to Greece

This is a common trip for 10-14 days. I prfeer more time in each city/country, but I am a student (ie. no job) and live in Europe, so my experiences aren't really applicable to this situation. What I can say is that many of my American friends have done similar Italy+Greece trips and have had an amazing time. To get from Greece to Italy, taking a ferry is the most common option, albeit a rather slow method of transportation. You can do further research in to ferries from Greece to Italy here:Basically, this is how its done: From Athens, you take a bus or train to Patras. Another option is taking a bus to Corfu/Igoumentisa (an island accessed on a bus via a short ferry crossing). Patras is closer to Athens, but Corfu/Igoumenitsa are closer to Italy. From either port (on Greece's west coast), take a ferry to one of the many ports on Italy's east coast. Italy's main ferry ports on this coast are Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, and Venice. Brindisi and Bari are the closest to Greece, Venice is the farthest. From any of these ports, take a train to Rome or wherever else you want to go.The Italian National Railway website is here:Honestly, you could stay in Italy for the whole trip. Or Greece, really. 11 Days seems so short for both. There is so much to see and do. I hope this helps.
—Guest Vynl5PTWlpbh

My best places in Greece

Of course I love Ikaria, my fathers birth place but i really love Santorini. I hiked up the hill while the tourists took donkeys and I hiked around the entire island in one day then went back to the dig to help for a week. I also love the Plaka and its nightlife. I stayed there a couple of weeks one trip. My family roots are Sparta, It was funny when I visited as the tour guide said there are no Spartans in Sparta, I raised my hand and shouted there is one now. I've enjoyed about thirty islands and the mainland. There are many beautiful places in central and Northern Greece in the mountains off the beaten track. I travel early spring or late fall, almost no tourists then. Bring cold weather gear, prices come way down and you can negotiate. Calle nicta.
—Guest Stephen Lakios


I ve visited about 25 islands and although it may seem as a too obvious choice (especially for a greek person), I have to go with Santorini. There are many wonderful islands, but I think Santorini has something unique, that you wont find anywhere else, probably in the whole world. The volcano, the caldera, the architecture, everywhere you stand it is worth of a carte-postale on this island! Crete is also beautiful, with many options, although I dont think it should compete with the others due to the size... From the others, I could separate Syros, Skiathos...but seriously, all are beautiful!
—Guest Konstantinos

Sifnos is the best!

It's small but it's got a little bit of everything for everyone. Good beaches,good food,nice bars and music to dance,people are nice, has historical sites, great panagiria(festivals),good island to hike and feel the nature!
—Guest John

Milos and Lipsi

I`ve been to 20 islands or so in Greece, and must say two of them are my favorites. Milos is lovely, and a trip to Kleftiko (only by bading-boats) is stunning. Lipsi is among the smallest islands i have wisited, and it is genuine greek. The small, lokal hotel Calypso, is situated in the center of the harbour, and have local uzo-bars outside the door. Luv it!
—Guest Kjetil, Norway


It is the most beautiful island ever, paradise on earth. Beaches are beautiful and clean, beyond comparison
—Guest vasilis

Hydra - Beautiful w/no cars!

I'll admit that I first went here when I was 20 in 1975 and fell in love with a beautiful islander but I went back with my 20 yr. old daughter recently and it still has it's charm. The lack of cars is just a big plus for me -- you literally walk back in time. This is a small island near Athens so if you want a lot of history, go elsewhere but if you want a truly unique Greek experience go here. Avoid prime holidays because this is close to Athens so it's a popular weekend spot. Orthodox Easter is really special here with people with candles walking down the ancient stone steps to a variety of small chapels. Rent a small house or a b&b. Santorini looks pretty but I just don't like the crowds of people that are inevitable with a really popular destination. Hydra is not frequently mentioned by tourists but definitely a well-kept local secret.

Kefalonia-My Favorite Greek Island

I have been to several of the "favorite" Greek islands but Kefalonia always wins my heart and logic. It has several options for going there by ferry from day to night, by car or by boat and plane. Also it has about twenty sandy beautiful beaches to choose from with good access. The waters are clear, the food wonderful, the local wine Robola light and refreshing, the people friendly and the prices reasonable. There are direct flights to the island from England and Germany for those who have already been to Athens. Join me next year and you will never forget it.
—Guest Helen Steele

The Best Greek Island is

Santorini is my favorite Greek Isle. The sunsets are the most beautiful I have every seen and the view of the caldera is fantastic.
—Guest Karen


Ikaria is the only island that I've been to in Greece but I think it'll always be the best even if I see others.
—Guest Guest

The best Greek island

By far the best Greek island and possibly the least well known is Evia (Euboea). Simply paradise for beeches and mountains. Anyone who wants a truly Greek experience should visit Evia.
—Guest Martin

skiathos is amazing

we got married on the beach here in 2007. we stayed at the agean suites 5 star highly recommend. The island is full of lovely sandy beaches. Loads of dirt tracks down to hidden beaches up in the pine covered hills. small enough to discover in a week. All the wedding party had a fab time and all said they couldn't wait to visit again. Lovely people and food. The main town small but bustling and enchanting. book now......
—Guest skiathos

I Love them All!

The one I feel most connected to is Santorini...there is just some some kind of energy there (maybe its the volcano) and the views are stunning. I have also been to and loved: Crete, Rhodes, Tilos, Patmos, Leros, Lipsi, Mykonos, Koufinisia, Naxos and Corfu. All of them are beautiful in their own way and I fell in love with them all. My goal is to try to hit every inhabited Greek island before I die! The best thing about the Greek Islands is how cheap accommodation and food is compared to other places in Europe! Your money stretches so much farther and there are some really quaint pensions to stay in for 30-50 euros a night. And it always is sunny whenever I am there (except for Corfu can sometimes be overcast).
—Guest Nadi

Best greek island

I hate islands. and greece has more than anyone in the owrld, as near as i can tell. They are all TINY tyrants. Gimme the mainland. You will find me in athens ,drinking iced tea, and the occasional shot of ouzo. I will be dining on seared pork, and greens. It will probably be on a thursday.
—Guest chicogringo

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The Best Greek Island is ...

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