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Weird Greece - Ghosts, Vampires, UFOS

A look at the odd side of Greece, with ancient and modern sites purported to be haunted, visited by UFOs, or infected with vampires.

Oracle of the Dead
The spooky necromanteion was once used to summon the dead to speak to the living.

A Cretan Tale of Vampires - Weird Greece - Vampires in Greece
A Cretan tale of vampires, encountered by Pashley during his travels in Crete

Exploring Offbeat Greece
Visit the eerie Nekromanteion, old haunt of Persephone and Pluto, and search for vampires on the island of Santorini.

Elounda's Lagoon of Mermaids
Take a look at this peaceful lagoon, once the sad refuge of lepers, and possibly containing a lively mermaid.

Greek Farmer Claims UFO Landing
Popular with ordinary tourists, Greece may be drawing visitors from even farther away.

Frangokastello - Ghost Marchers of Daliani
Scroll down for a brief account of the "dew shadows" of Crete, ghost warriors said to appear on May 17th each year.

Evil Eye
Read about this ancient superstition which still survives into modern times as "Vaskania" - and what the Greeks do about it! From the Greek Spider.

Bizarre Phenomena at Ntavelis' Cave
Just outside Athens, an unusual cave complex combines an ancient temple, a rumored NATO facility, an outlaw, and strange goings-on.

Read about the goblins of Christmas and how to avoid them... forget eggnog, bring on the holy water. From the Greek Spider.

UFOs Over Greece
This roundup includes a brief account of a Greek UFO sighting which was shown on Greek television.

Unlucky Tuesday
Forget Friday the Thirteenth - it turns out that Tuesday the Thirteenth is the day to worry about in Greece.

Who's Making You Sneeze
In Greek superstition, there's a person behind each sneeze. Find out who caused your last atchoo.

Vrykolakas - An Exploration of Greece's Vampires
Account of the vampire in Greek literature and folklore. By Inanna Arthen.

The White Lady Taverna
Ghosthunting? This traditional Cretan family taverna is named for a mysterious "white lady" said to haunt a castle in Greece ... and, apparently, to protect the workers at the taverna. From what? That's not mentioned.

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