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Greece Webcams

Live images from around Greece


Want to preview where you're going in Greece? Take a look at these webcams at different places in Greece. Note: if the image is black or hard to see, please consider what time it is in Greece - it may be night!

Mykonos Webcam

This one is especially fun - it's almost a full frame rate, so you can watch the harbor in action. It automatically zooms and pans, so you're only on the same area for a few moments. There are ads superimposed, but you can click these off. Over the course of a few minutes, you'll see the famed windmills, the boats for Delos, the Town Hall, and much else. A line at the bottom also tips you off to what you're seeing - definitely the next generation of webcams. Enjoy.

Acropolis and Parthenon Webcam

The Acropolis
deTraci Regula; licensed to About.com

This webcam refreshes every 30 minutes and shows the Parthenon and the Acropolis.

Matala, Crete Webcam

Matala Hippie Festival Poster
One extra bonus for this webcam on Crete - you can watch some of the Matala Hippie Festival on it in June. The same provider offers two other views around Matala.

Piraeus Webcam

This live camera operates year-round and shows the weather in Piraeus and the movements of ships and ferries.

Mykonos Webcam

World-famous Mykonos flaunts its charms at this webcam at Paradise Beach, operated by the Paradise Beach Hotel and Camping. Easily offended? No guarantees on this one!

Athens Webcams

Scroll down on this page to see images from several Athens webcams - Hadrian's Gate, Marina Zeas, and a different Piraeus harbor one. It also has some weather images of Greece which update regularly.

Crete - Chora Sfakia Webcam

This webcam is updated twice a minute and claims to be the southermost webcam in Europe - but I'm not sure about that one. It's a beautiful shot of the harbor at the town of Chora Sfakia and also shows weather conditions for that part of the south of Crete. Can you see Gavdos on the horizon today?

Zakynthos Island Webcam

Enjoy a view of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands from this webcam at the harbor.

Chania Harbor, Crete

Chania harbor is pretty all day and then sparkles with lights in the evening. Check it out on this webcam.

Naxos - Flisvos Webcam

The big island of Naxos is still off of the tourist radar for the most part - take a look at Flisvos and it may convince you to visit.

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