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EasyCruise in Greece

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The Bottom Line

NOTE: EasyCruise is no longer operating. Think you can't afford a Greek cruise? You can. easyCruise puts it within reach of literally anyone who can get themselves to Greece.


  • Extremely low rates.
  • Schedule is designed to maximize fun times on the Greek islands.
  • Itinerary is a good mix of unusual islands and tourist magnets.
  • Offers more flexibility than most cruise lines.


  • Cabins are plain and small.
  • Meals are not included but food is available to buy on board.
  • Definitely best for a younger crowd uninterested in luxury, but ready to party.
  • Cruise dates fill up fast.
  • Ship is closer to an average long-distance ferry than to a deluxe cruise vessel.


  • You can join the cruise along the way if space is available, for a minimum of two nights.
  • They don't push the shore excursions; most passengers are expected to find their own fun.
  • Port stops are timed to include the evening for barhopping and dancing.
  • Due to late arrival times, seeing the local archaeological sites on the islands may be difficult.
  • Be careful on calculating costs; they are often listed in British pounds rather than Euros or dollars.
  • You can book directly or through travel agents, though U.S. ones may not yet be familiar with the easyCruise phenomenon.

Guide Review - EasyCruise in Greece

NOTE: EasyCruise is no longer operating in Greece. From Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who brought the world easyJet, the Greek incarnation of easyCruise is a super-low-cost, low-amenity cruising experience. It's ideal for high-energy, younger travelers more at home on Greek ferry boats than on multi-deck cruise ships.

That being said, you can't beat the prices and the general can-do spirit is infectious. It's not an experience for those hoping to catch up on sleep. As I mentioned in my About Greece blog, I think it may be cheaper to cruise all summer on this line than to stay home. Now if I can just rent out my house....

Check the easyCruise website for specials, but as a rule of thumb, cruising on easyCruise works out to be about 30-50 US per person per night. As I did, you may think the listed cruise prices are for a night rather than the entire cruise, and, like me, you'll probably end up emailing or calling them just to be sure. Remember, you will pay for your food and of course, airfare is not included.

If you do want to have a more "traditional" Greek sightseeing experience, choose one of the departure dates for their "7 Night Classical Greece Cruise" which is a little more culture-friendly than the Greek Barhopping Cruise - whoops, I meant the Greek island-hopping cruise.

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