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Top 9 New Books on Greece and Greek Travel


Prepare yourself for a vacation in Greece, or remind yourself of the Greek islands.

1. Buying a Home in Greece and Cyprus

If you've traveled to Greece and can't bear the thought of living anywhere else, you're not alone. This book is a helpful guide to making one's way through the bureaucratic tangles and emerging with the prize - your own Greek island hideaway.
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2. Ancient Greece - The Book and Disk that Work Together

Multi-media set combining a book and disk, presenting text and images of ancient Greece.
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3. Christmas in Greece

Become accustomed to the rich and varied customs of Christmas in Greece with this bright book from the World Book encyclopedia publishers.
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4. Greece - Temples, Tombs, and Treasures

An enthusiastic, lavishly illustrated account of some of the wonders of ancient Greece. From Time-Life Books.
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5. Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece

Gustav Schwab examines the formative personalities of Ancient Greece, both divine and human.
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6. Greece - An Illustrated History

R. Conrad Stein provides a lavishly illustrated look at the history of Greece.
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7. Living and Working in Greece

Peter Reynold's recently updated look at the essentials you need to know if you are planning on earning a living in Greece or just living there. Covers Athens, the Greek islands, and the rest of Greece.
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8. A Geological Companion to Greece and the Aegean

Don't be put off by the somewhat technical-sounding title - this book is easy to read and makes for a fascinating if unusual companion for a journey through Greece.
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9. Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World

"The" atlas of the ancient world, loved by scholars and armchair travelers alike. Expensive but well worth it if you love Greece and love poring over maps. Not a great modern travel tool, however, as the emphasis is definitely on the ancient world.
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