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Top 7 Greek Art Posters and Pictures


Forgot to bring Greece home with you? The next best thing is putting a big picture of your favorite spot on your office wall to help you dream of your next trip to Greece.

1. Parthenon Poster

Bring Athena's Parthenon into your home with this print illustration of the Parthenon temple.
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2. Color Poster of Greece in 1950s Style

Bring a touch of fashionable travel into a room with this designer image of Greece.
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3. Lykavittos Hill and Cityscape, Athens

A dramatic photograph of the Athens cityscape at sunset.
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4. Cliffside Village, Santorini

Enjoy adorning your walls with this vivid painting of Thira (Fira) on the island of Santorini.
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5. Mykonos Town at Night

Yes, sometimes Mykonos really is bathed in purple at dusk. This print by Walter Bibikow captures it perfectly.
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6. Antique Map of Crete

Love maps? This Frederick de Wit map of the Island of Candia (Crete) shows the early Sea Port of Herakleion, circa 1680. Giclee Print.
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7. The Parthenon

The most instantly evocative image of Greece, a poster of Louis Dupre painting of the Parthenon sums up ancient Greek culture and modern aspirations.
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