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Top 8 Greek Gift Items

Gifts from Greece & with Greek Themes


What do you miss most about Greece? Here's a way to feed your Grecian heart and soul with foods, beverages, and other gifts from Hellas.

1. Merry Christmas in Greek Caps and Shirts

Here's a fun way of using your head to say "Merry Christmas" in Greek -or just showing it off on your shirt.

2. Merry Christmas in Greek Long Sleeve Women's Shirt

This graceful women's shirt offers greetings in Greek and English.

3. Greek Wines to Buy Online

Choose from a big selection of wines from Greece. Owe someone a "special" gift? You used to be able to  claim you brought the bottle home on your lap all the way from Greece - just because you knew they would enjoy it so, but now tell them you had it specially packed in your luggage. Some of my reliable favorites are Boutari wines and the dessert wine Mavrodaphne from Achaia Clauss.

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4. Greek Flokati Rug

Expensive to ship from Greece, this U.S. alternative is one way of getting the famed original Greek "shag rug" made from sheep's wool home on your own floor. Other colors are available.

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5. Greek "Key" Design Jewelry

Select from a wide range of Greek "key" or "chi" designs produced by Kalopedis Jewelry in the Republic of Cyprus. Change price listings to reflect your currency; initial prices are in Cyprus Pounds.

6. Haba Wooden Greek Columns

Add to wooden building block sets for that Greek temple look.

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7. Silver Jewelry from Greece

Was that jewelry shop closed on your last day in Greece? You may be able to find everything from ancient Greek and Minoan designs through Byzantine and more modern pieces at this on-line Greek jewelry store, from a family of jewelers operating since 1928

8. Greek Merry Christmas Throw Pillow

At just $20, this Greek-themed throw pillow which says "Merry Christmas" in Greek and English is a great addition to your own Greek Christmas festivities.

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