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The First Greek Philosopher


Question: The First Greek Philosopher
Greece is renowned for many things - sea, sun, and fun in modern times. But Greece is also known for "Greek Philosophy" - and in fact, they essentially created the concept. Who was the first Greek philosopher?
Answer: The first Greek philosopher is often said to be Thales of Miletus, who lived about 624-546 BCE. He attempted to give a more "scientific" explanation of the creation of the world. Miletus was a Greek city, but it is located in present-day Turkey.

Anaximander, living about 610-546, wrote what is apparently the earliest book on philosophy, so he is another possible candidate for the "First Greek Philosopher" title.

The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek "philo" - "lover of" and "sophia" - wisdom. So a philosopher is a lover of wisdom. Many of them were highly educated and worked as teachers to the children of the wealthy; others worked more independently and were closer to modern research scientists. Others lectured publicly throughout Greece.

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