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Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Greece


Most of us want to shop in boutiques - but it's getting more and more fashionable to sleep in boutique hotels in Greece. Find your best bed in the selections below.

Just What is a Greek Boutique Hotel?

1. King George II Hotel, Athens

Room at the King George II
Copyright King George II Hotel, used by permission
While the King George II definitely qualifies as a "boutique" hotel with its historic building, fine furnishings, and intense luxury, it also is a grand hotel in the truest sense, and may be a bit big to be considered a "boutique".

2. Avli Hotel, Rethymno Crete

The Brown Room at the Avli Hotel in Rethymno, Crete, with in-room Jacuzzi tub.
Avli Hotel. Used by permission.

The Avli Hotel is located in the heart of old Rethymno on the ancient island of Crete, surrounded by cobbled streets, fun little boutiques, and ambiance by the bucketful. Inside, they cater to wine and cuisine lovers as well as to those looking for a getaway in the romantic old city. There's just seven suites, each with a different color scheme and amenities, and there is also a Jacuzzi hot tub on the premises.

3. The Art Hotel, Athens

Located in a renovated mansion, this new boutique-style Greek hotel is gathering fans who like the amenities and urban  location just off the Omonia Square transportation hub.

4. Mykonos Grace Hotel, Mykonos

The Mykonos Grace opened in the summer of 2007, a complete refurbishment of the old Kastro hotel. Its location at Agios Stefanos beach outside of vibrant Mykonos Town itself is a great plus, yet it is only a few minutes away by car when you feel like going out and dancing all night.

5. Nobelos Hotel, Zakynthos

The Ionian islands are renowed for their milder winter weather and their beautiful landscapes and seaviews. The Nobelos Hotel offers both from its location above the port of Saint Nicolas. It's in a converted traditional island mansion, offering just four suites, each furnished differently.

6. Hotel Matina, Santorini

This small hotel on Santorini offers both charming rooms and lower-than-average prices.

7. Atrium Hotel, Athens

Beautifully designed, the Atrium offers just 56 well-decorated rooms. In it's heart, it's going after the "luxury" designation, even offering an amenity I don't find often - heated towel-rails in the bathrooms. Plus, some rooms have jacuzzi tubs.

8. Hotel Marnei Mare, Samos

f you're looking for a retreat, the three private villas at Marnei Mare may offer just what you need. This remote peninsula on the green island of Samos offers some opportunities for indulgence - and since it is off the usual traveler's path, the pricing is less of a shock than you might expect, depending on the time of the season.

9. Ikies Traditional Houses, Santorini

Don't let the name fool you. Where other hotels may be wrongly claiming the "boutique" designation, the Ikies really is one but skips mentioning it, hiding its indulgent charms under the "traditional houses" label. From an infinity-edged pool to startlingly well-trained staff, this one definitely qualifies and offers incredible caldera views as well. Not for the acrophobic, however - the cliff-side rooms are just that.

10. Magna Graecia Hotel, Athens

Possibly the truest "boutique" on this list, with just twelve rooms, a renovated older building, and artistic touches throughout the hotel. And prices that start as low as 85 Euro a night.
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