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Sex, drugs, gambling, and other vices

Sex, drugs, gambling, and other "vices" in Greece.

Greek Casinos
Greece is spiffing up its casinos to attract a few extra foreign coins.

Church Chides Athens on Brothels
From eKathimerini, the Greek Orthodox church protests a possible plan to loosen regulations on the city's brothels in time for the Athens Olympics in 2004.

A look at the "art" of the come-on in Crete, with helpful though often startling information.

Greece Health Overview
Quick look at various aspects of public health in Greece, including HIV/AIDS rates (though some activists double or triple the stated figures), life expectancies, maternal death rates, immunizations, and other health indicators. Greece is the best place in the world to have a baby - and if you do, it's likely to live a long, long time.

Sex in Ancient Greece
A look at the ancient practices and phallus-revering of classical Greece.

"Sex industry row divides Athens ahead of Olympics"
Olympic preparations affect the sex industry in Greece. From eKathimerini.

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