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Santorini's Donkeys


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Meeting Santorini's Donkeys
Santorini's Donkeys
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Since many visitors come to Santorini via the old port, they are quickly confronted with three choices to get up the cliffs to the town of Fira (Thira).

  • They can walk up the hundreds of numbered steps to the top.
  • They can pay to take the Funicular - the cable car.
  • For the about same price as the cable car, (4 Euro vs 5 Euro) they can ride a donkey.

It pays to look closely at the donkey. They are decorated with beaded charms meant to protect the donkey and, incidentally, its rider. On this one you can see an equal-armed cross on its forehead, a symbol that dates back to pre-Greek times and which was used by the ancient Minoans.

While you'll find the donkeys working on the cliff paths, you'll also encounter them heading home on the side streets of Fira or Oia, as I did here in Fira. Next: The Advantages to Taking the Donkey.

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