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  1. Greece Travel 101
  2. Quick Tips and How-tos
  3. Getting to Greece
  4. Getting Around Greece
  5. Maps of Greece
  1. Tours and Cruises of Greece and the Greek Islands
  2. Events and Festivals
  3. Discovering Greece
  4. Learning Tourist Greek

Greece Travel 101

Columns at Corinth, Greece

Here are the essentials to get started planning your trip to Greece. Even before you start considering islands and other destinations in Greece, this will help you define your dream trip.

Quick Tips and How-tos

Packing for Greece

Little things can mean a lot when you're planning your trip to Greece ... and knowing some simple details can make the difference between a smooth trip or an unnecessarily challenging one.

Getting to Greece

U.S. government map in the public domain.

There are many ways to get to Greece - some wildly romantic like a four-week transatlantic and Mediterranean repositioning cruise on a luxury ocean liner. Some are simple - hopping on a plane. And some challenging, like driving across Europe or piecing together a train trip through the Baltics. But however you choose to go to Greece, the journey will be worth it.

Getting Around Greece

Congratulations! You're in Greece. Now how do you get out of Athens?

Maps of Greece

Having a good map of Greece in your pocket - and perhaps another, bigger map of Greece in your baggage - can make the difference between a frustrating and confusing trip to Greece and one that lets you expand your horizons painlessly.

Tours and Cruises of Greece and the Greek Islands

A yacht in a Greek island cove.

Organized tours of Greece may not be for everyone, but for many travelers to Greece, combining a tour or cruise of Greece with your own independent travels provides the best of both Greek worlds.

Events and Festivals

Rockwave music festival in Greece.

Enhance your trip to Greece by including one of these special events.

Discovering Greece

Northern Greece

Greece is more than just Athens and Santorini. Both are wonderful locations, but Greece has even more to offer.

Learning Tourist Greek

Greek signs

You don't need to know Greek to enjoy your trip, but a few words can both smooth your welcome and ease your travels.

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