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Packing for a Trip to Greece


Packing for your trip to Greece should be fun and easy - but too often, we leave it until the last minute and end up leaving something crucial behind, or taking far too much. Here's help to make sure you have exactly what you need for your trip to Greece. 

1. Packing List for Women

You can easily travel in Greece with just one bag which can even go with you as a carry-on. Just stick to this list.

2. Packing List for Men

Looking for luggage on an airport luggage carousel. Are your bags lost?
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Here's a lean, clean, and even green packing list to assure you have everything you need with you in Greece.

3. Packing List for Greece - Children's List

Kids can even manage quite a bit of their own hauling with this trimmed down list - a tiny roll-on and a small backpack will hold all of this.

4. Travel Gear for the Paranoid Traveler

Am I a paranoid traveler myself? Certainly not! I'm a cautious, realistic, ready-for-anything kind of traveler. Really. Which is why I love all of these items.

5. Travel Gadgets for Greece

Okay - promise me you'll be careful here. It is so easy to fall in love with travel gadgets - I once paid $12 to have my $10 favorite travel clock shipped to me from the hotel where I had accidentally left it. It was just right for me and I couldn't find a duplicate. You may not really need any of these items for your trip, but they may ease your travel enough to be worth the space in your suitcase.

6. Folding Luggage

Young man with too much baggage for Greece
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Sometimes a bag within your bag can save you time, trouble, and even money if you have to suddenly rearrange your luggage at the airport. Here are some great folding and collapsible bags for your trip to Greece.

7. What NOT to Pack for Greece

Here's what you really won't need to haul with you to Greece - and why.

8. You Can't Go Wrong with a Sarong

My must-have for the plane and in Greece itself is a handy, easy-to-wash, quick-to-dry sarong. On the plane, it can be a blanket, a huge napkin-bib for eating and drinking during turbulence, and a light shield. Or roll it up to use as a neck support. Suspicious seat? It can be a seat cover. And that's just the beginning.
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