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Before You Decide on Your Trip to Greece


Welcome! If you're on this page, you've already decided to go to Greece - a great decision. Now, let's work out a few of the details and create your perfect trip to Greece.

Creating Your Trip to Greece

Planning a trip is one thing. First, you have to create your dream idea of a trip to Greece. Once you know how you would really like it to be, with what activities, destinations, and budget, you can embark on the planning portion much more effectively. One of the big decisions - do you travel independently or as part of a group, or do you split your time in Greece between both options?

Planning Your Trip to Greece

While you can reach Greece by train, car, ferry, or by cruise ship, most travelers will be flying in.

Planning Your Trip to Greece - Part 2

If you've already decided on a tour, skip this section. But if you're determined to be a more independent traveler (Bravo!), these resources are for you.

Visiting the Greek Islands

No matter how you plan your trip, you'll want to include one or more of the Greek Islands. And a special type of Greek tour, the "Island-hopper" combines easy organization of tickets and hotels with a sense of freedom - but without some of the worry true independence can bring. See if it's right for you.

Other Regions of Greece

For many, Greece = Athens + (enter island(s) of choice). Don't make this mistake! Mainland Greece and the Peloponnese peninsula offer unspoiled natural beauty, fascinating historic and archaeological sites, and terrific food and drink.

Getting Around Greece

While flying around Greece is always an option, these transportation methods are often cheaper and in some cases, more comfortable. Greece's long-distance buses are an exceptionally good deal and usually use tour-style coach buses with good seats and often, on-board bathrooms. Trains, while improving, are trickier and often take longer than a bus to the same destination.

What to Do in Greece

Greece has an endless variety of offerings beyond the plentiful sightseeing. Going in winter? Try skiing in Greece.

More to Know Before You Go

Crucial tip - decide in advance what size suitcase you are willing to drag up four uneven flights of whitewashed steps to get to that cliffside caldera-view room in Santorini. Hm - am I hinting to pack light? Yes - especially since you'll probably already have a heavy camera, laptop, iPod, and fully accessorized cell phone with you.
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