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Pharmacies in Greece


A pharmacy in Greece

A pharmacy in Greece

deTraci Regula
Updated August 26, 2010

"Pharmacy" - It's a Greek Word!

Greece, home of Hippocrates and Asclepius, is a land of pharmacies, and every town of size has one. Cities will have many, with some designated to stay open all night. If a pharmacy is closed, a notice on the door will give the address of the nearest pharmacy designated to be open that day.

Look for the "Green Cross"

Greek pharmacies can be spotted by a green equal-armed cross, either lit up in neon or against a white background.

Many drugs that require prescriptions in the United States are sold over-the-counter in Greece, usually at a fraction of the price paid in North America. Remember, though, bringing home drugs from Greece may cause problems at U.S. Customs if you don't have prescriptions for them.

If you are looking for something specific, having the generic or "real" name of the medicine may help you to find the Greek equivalent more easily.

Your Friendly Pharmacist

Pharmacists are usually very decent diagnosticians and speak English; they can help you with many medical problems and can be your first line of defense if you're feeling sick in Greece.

If you have a problem but are hesitating to go through the process of seeing a "real doctor" or visiting a foreign urgent care on your trip, pop into the local pharmacy and see what they have to say. You may not need that appointment after all. For medical emergencies, ask your hotel staff or call the Tourist Police for a recommendation of an English-speaking doctor in your area.

Pharmacies also have a wide range of Greek health and beauty products, and visiting them can be a fun time of browsing.

Larger pharmacies will have active sales personnel in white coats standing by to help you; you won't be expected to wander up to the shelves without someone in close attendance, so unobtrusively selecting that box of sanitary napkins or nose-hair clipper is usually out of the question. But the downside of the prevalence of Greek pharmacies is that your average market will carry few, if any, health-related items at all, leaving that to the professionals down the street.

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