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Plan Your Travel to Greece - Flights, Visas, Packing, Weather

What you need to know about traveling to Greece. Visas, travel tips, money matters, weather and more.
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The Top Ten Destinations in Greece
These are the must-sees of Greece - skip them and everyone back home will wonder if you really were there.

What to Do in Greece
All About Greece - sightseeing, dining, events, activities, sports. Plan your beachhopping in Greece, visit archaeological sites in Greece,

Top Ten "Unknown" Destinations of Greece
Discover the wildlife preserves of the Greek island of Alonissos, travel to obscure islands, and hit the places off the beaten path in Greece.

Greek Islands
Greece has over 1400 islands - which one will be just right for you? Find some great Greek island suggestions with this fun Greek island trip calculator.

Short Tours of Greece You Can Book Yourself
Build your own tour of Greece using these easy-to-book tour packages from Viator: 2- or 4-day visits to Santorini, a 3-day trip to Northern Greece, a 7-day "Grand Tour", and more. Plus, you may even save money by booking ahead when the exchange rate is favorable.

Visa Requirements for Greece
For travelers from many nations, a trip to Greece may be visa-free. Are you one of the lucky ones? Find out if you need a visa for Greece or not.

Share Your Vacation in Greece
Share your vacation in Greece by posting photos, experiences and travel tips. Get ideas for your next vacation in Greece.

Greece Travel Advisories and Warnings
Are there any Greece Travel advisories and warnings active right now? Find out here.

Greece's Financial Crisis - How Will it Affect Your Travel Plans?
The Greek economic crisis is everywhere in the news. How will it affect your travel plans for Greece? Should you cancel your trip to Greece?

Free Things to do in Greece
Spending no money at all can be a great way to enjoy Greece in a unique way.

Greece Travel Countdown Planner
Try my Greece travel countdown planner - a fun way to organize your trip to Greece.

Things You Should Know About Greece
Recently, I encountered some faithful readers while traveling in Greece. Not wanting to miss my chance, I asked them what they had liked about my site - and also, what else they wished I had told them beforehand. Here's the result - with a couple of additions of my own. When I saw them blithely rent a motor scooter and go zooming around the...

Packing for a Trip to Greece
Packing for your trip to Greece should be fun and easy - but too often, we leave it until the last minute and end up leaving something crucial behind, or taking far too much. Here's help to make sure you have exactly what you need for your trip to Greece.

Ways to Save Money on Your Greek Trip
With the atrocious Euro exchange rate, saving money on your trip to Greece may be essential. Here are some of the ways you can save money without sacrificing a great trip experience.

Books on Greece
Planning your trip to Greece? You'll find a perfect companion among these books on Greece listed here.

Top Ten Travel Delays in Greece
What may delay your travel plans in Greece?

Best Luxury Hotel or Resort in Greece
Returning from your first trip or your fifteenth? Check out the About Greece Travel 2012 Readers Choice Awards.

Pharmacies in Greece - The Pharmacist is Your Friend in Greece
Greece travel - pharmacies in Greece. Greek pharmacists are the traveler's first line of defense against illness in Greece.

Make Your Own First-Aid Kit For Greece
Make your own first-aid kit for your Greece travels.

What Shots Do I Need for Greece? Innoculations for Travel to...
Greece travel - what shots do you need for Greece? Innoculations for travel to Greece.

What Kind of Greek Traveler Are You?
Make a good trip great by knowing your own top reasons to travel to Greece.

Do You Have What it Takes to Travel in "Unknown" Greece?
Before you abandon that all-inclusive, guided coach tour, see if you have what it takes to go off the beaten path and make your own.

Gift Certificates from Viator
Gift certificates for Greek trips - Viator offers a number of trips and tours in Greece - and you can give a gift certificate to a friend. Trust me, a free airport pickup after a trans-atlantic flight is a much better gift than a bunch of flowers in the cruise cabin.

Where to Eat Pray Love in Greece
Where to Eat Pray Love in Greece - Love the movie but think it would have been even better in Greece? Share your favorite spots for eating, praying, and loving in Greece and the Greek islands.

Technology Tips for Greece
Traveling to Greece with all of your gear? Here's how to manage some common challenges for cell phones, computers, and other technology in Greece.

Choose Greece for Your Vacation - Here's Why
Not sure where you should take your vacation? Go to Greece - here's why.

Greeting Greece in Greek
Going to Greece? While some nations are offended if you mangle their language, the Greeks will smile and try to encourage you - even if you just called their grandmother a squid.

Best and Worst of Greece Travel 2013
The best and worst of Greece Travel for 2013 - along with predictions for 2014 for travel in Greece.

Greece 2011 - Coming or Going?
Are you changing your 2011 travel plans because of the Middle East situation?

Greece Summer 2010
Greece Summer 2010 - Great time to go to Greece or is it better to avoid Greece at all costs?

The Best and Worst of Greece 2006 - Hits and Misses in Greece Travel
Greek travel in 2006 was a year which began to capitalize on the benefits of the Olympics in 2004, and thrived on the misfortunes of some travel-destination rivals. Here's the best and worst of travel in Greece for 2006.

The Best and Worst of Greece 2005 - Hits and Misses in Greece Travel
Greek travel in 2005 was a year like no other. Here's the best and worst of travel in Greece for 2005

Daylight Savings Time in Greece
Daylight Savings Time in Greece - When does it begin and end, and why it can affect your Greek trip. Find out if daylight savings time starts in Greece this weekend... or if it ends. Travelers in March, April, and October should know when it begins and ends.

Do I Need my Driver's License in Greece If I'm Not Renting a Car?
You might find carrying your Driver's License to Greece even if you don't intend to rent a car or drive. Is the TSA now requiring driver's licenses along with passports?

New TSA Rules - How Will They Affect Your Trip to Greece?
New TSA rules may complicate travel for visitors to Greece and elsewhere. Here's what to expect - as far as we know.

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