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Most travelers to Greece visit Athens, maybe manage a four-day bus tour into the Peloponnese Peninsula and across southwestern Greece, and a trip to a Greek island or two. But the North, once home to Philip of Macedon and his son, Alexander the Great, is often skipped entirely.

While Thessaloniki, Mount Athos, and Mount Olympus always draw some visitors, there is much more to be discovered in Northern Greece. Nature lovers will find it a paradise, beach lovers will find uncrowded stretches of sand, and lovers of ancient and Byzantine ruins will find dozens of places to visit.

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Waterfall in Paranesti, Drama region, GreeceWaterfall in ParanestiPath along the Nestos River.The Nestos River PathOld woman prepares beans in Pagoneri village.One by oneThe path leads through the Greek countryside.Railway Path, Northern Greece
Mount Falakro in Northern GreeceMount Falakro in SummerAmolofy BeachSunset in Amolofy Golden trees of Elatia Forest.Elatia Forest in autumn.Falakro GorgeFalakro Gorge
Falakro Mountain MeadowFalakro Mountain MeadowMountain vista in Northern Greece.Mountain vista in Northern Greece.Traditional Greek house in Paranesti, one of the "lost" villages.Traditional Greek house in one of the "lost" villages.Snowfall in Northern GreeceSnowfall in Northern Greece
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