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Greece 2010 - The Year in Travel

It was a tumultous year for Greece as the financial crisis hit in full force, visitors to Greece stayed away in spring and early summer and then flooded the country in fall, and more than the usual number of strikes affected Greek travel and tourism. What will 2011 in Greece be like?

TIMELINE-Greece's debt crisis | Reuters
Good breakdown of events in Greece's financial crisis from January through May 2010 (though additional updates may be added subsequently). Also notes the major strikes and protests in Greece associated with the Greek debt crisis.

Strikes in Greece
Strikes in Greece - why is Greece subject to so many strikes which often disrupt travel and services in Greece?

Tsunamis in Greece
Tsunamis in Greece - well attested in ancient times, the Aegean is definitely prone to tsunamis - with a minor one striking as recently as May 2003.

Fires in Greece
The summer travel season in Greece can also be the season for fires in Greece - here's what you need to know to avoid the worst of fire season in Greece.

Antenna TV
Media company operating television and radio stations throughout Greece.

Athens News Agency
Streaming headlines, daily news, photo of the day. A great quick look at news in Greece from the major English-language newspaper.

Athens News Daily
Greece's only English-language newspaper is on-line in a complete edition. Excellent, lots of cultural background information as well as news.

Hellenic News of America
Greek-related news articles and coverage by the established newspaper.

Famagusta Gazette
News in English from Cyprus, constantly updated.

Kathimerini Online English Version
Daily updates in English from this Greek paper distributed with the International Herald Tribune in Greece and Cyprus.

Macedonian Press Agency
News in English from this major paper in Northern Greece.

Odyssey Magazine
Extensive archives and regular new features, in English, from the monthly Greek magazine. Schedules, shopping tips, travel information, news and commentary.

Business-related news from or affecting Greece; updated at least daily.

Xenios - Radio Station of Ano Liosia
Established radio station, with info on programs, news, and events.

Bird Flu Confirmed in Greece - Avian Flu Found in Greece
The first case of bird flu has been confirmed in Greece on Oinouses, a small island near Chios.

Earthquakes in Greece
Earthquakes in Greece - what makes Greece so seismically active?

Olympic Airlines Hijacking
An Olympic Airlines plane has been hijacked on its way from Athens to New York. It has been diverted to London.

Wildfires in Greece
Wildfires in Greece - what season is "fire season" in Greece and how can it affect your trip to Greece?

Greece Decries Attack On U.S.
Archived information on the Greek reaction to the events of 9/11.

Greece - How Far Away is Greece from ...
Wondering how close Greece is to a conflict? See how far away hotspots in the news really are from Greece.

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