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The Best Cheap Hotels on Mykonos

Bargain spots offer great value


Windmills on the Greek island of Myconos

Windmills on the Greek island of Mykonos

Photo of Miconos windmills © deTraci Regula; licensed to About.com
The Greek island of Mykonos is renowned as a jetset playground nearly forty years after it was first "discovered". But thankfully, that doesn't mean that there aren't some very good bargains available on this popular island. Here's just a few of the best, cheapest hotels on Mykonos.

Elena Hotel
Located up above the main town, this small hotel offers rooms starting at about US 120, depending on the season and that pesky exchange rate. It features traditional Cycladic architecture - think whitewashed walls and a generally casual setting. Elena Hotel

Harmony Hotel
Centrally located in the main town, the Harmony Hotel is classed as a boutique hotel with upscale amenities - but the prices start at about US 150 per night. Open year-round; they also offer special packages for Easter.
Find prices: Harmony Hotel

Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel
This 18-room luxurious hotel is definitely an upscale choice among the budget options, with relatively low rates starting around US 140, depending on the season and the exchange rate. You may lose some of the price advantage on taxi fares as it is located by Agios Stefanos, some distance away from the main town, but the rooms and hotel are beautifully designed. Don't confuse it with its sister property, the Rocabella Hotel on the island of Santorini. Open year-round.

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Studio Eleni Located within easy walking distance to shopping, sightseeing, and beaches, this cute traditional hotel offers clean rooms and low rates starting at about US 60 per night, depending on exchange rates. By the way, there is a similarly-named property in Ornos Beach on Mykonos, several miles from Mykonos Town. It's also in a lovely area, but if you're using a booking engine, make sure that you are reserving the right place. As "Eleni" (Helen) is a common name in Greece, there are other properties on entirely different islands with very similar names.

Trying to book ahead for your Greek vacation like a good advance planner? Remember that some hotels on Mykonos close during the off-season, and may not respond to emails or show availability on booking sites.

Small family-run hotel in a traditional large Mykonian home with an historic feel, in a convenient location in Mykonos Town, the capital of the island and site of the port. Rooms start at about $75. Once again, when comparing rates, be aware that there are several Zorzis hotels scattered throughout the Greek islands.

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Searching for more hotels on Mykonos? Try the alternate spellings of Myconos, Miconos, Mikonos, or Mykonou to turn up additional hotel results. The Mykonos airport code is JMK; Athens International Airport, where most international flights land, is ATH.

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