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This busy, touristy, cosmopolitan island remains a strong international attraction, with a charming capital, glorious beaches, and a less-jammed "other" side of the island. How to get there, nightlife, don't-miss sights, hotels and accommodations.
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Small Chapels of Mykonos
Does Mykonos really have 365 chapels? Depends on who is counting - but each of them is unique. And you can visit a number of them without ever leaving the main town.

Mykonos and Delos - the Sacred and the Secular
Two islands could hardly be closer - or farther apart.

Greek Island Museums
The Greek islands boast their own collection of museums, and the Archaeological Museum on Mykonos is one of the best - easy to get to, easy to enjoy.

Beach Report - Elia Beach
Like many beaches on Mykonos, this one is "bare" in all senses of the word.

Planet Allsports Windsurfing
Mykonos is renowned for its winds (yes, there is a connection with its iconic row of windmills just off the harbor). Here's one way to make the most of the breezes - windsurfing.

Beach Report - Ai Giannis Beach - The "Shirley Valentine" Beach
Unlike many stretches of sand on Mykonos, this beach isn't so well known for its nudism as it is for being the location of the famous "beach scene" in the movie "Shirley Valentine".

Mykonos Sandals
This family-run operation has been producing all-leather, hand-made sandals for sixty-some years - starting at just 17 Euro.

Mykonos - Beyond the Windmills of Mykonos
At the beginning of the international travel boom of the 1960s, there was only one island on everyone's lips - Mykonos. Naughty, daring, beautiful - it dominated the jet-set dreams of millions and still exerts a powerful pull on Greek travelers today. Meet Mykonos, the Mighty.

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