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Maria Callas


Maria Callas - Birthdate and Death date:

Birthday: December 2, 1922 - Born Maria Anna Sophie Cecilia Kalogeropoulos in New York to Greek immigrant parents.

Died: September 16th, 1977 - Died in Paris of undetermined causes.

Major Opera Roles:

Maria Callas was a soprano. She sang "Norma", "Tosca", Brunhilde in "Die Walkure", and many others. Her big break came when she was called upon to fill in for Margherita Carosio, singing Elvira in "I Puritani" at a performance in La Fenice.

She Put the "D" in "Diva":

Temperamental, often cancelling performances due to illness or difficulties, when Callas was at the top of her skills she mesmerized audiences.


Maria Callas was deeply in love with Aristotle Onassis, whom she met in 1957. Beginning in 1959, they had a torrid affair which ended her marriage to industrialist Giovanni Battista Meninghini. She expected Onassis to eventually marry her and was devastated when he married Jacqueline Kennedy in 1968, though Onassis had already backed off from his relationship with Maria well before then. Their relationship was frequently tabloid fodder in the early 1960s.

Maria Callas - Her Death:

Onassis died in 1975; Maria's own death in 1977, at only 55, officially of "indeterminate causes", may have been suicide.
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