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Helena Paparizou


Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou

Moda Records, used by permission

Who is Helena Paparizou?:

Helena Paparizou won the 2005 Eurovision Contest for Greece, performing her energetic song "My Number One". She's the top pop star in Greece and is becoming well-known throughout Europe.

Helena Paparizou's Early Life:

Helena Paparizou was born in Sweden to Greek parents. From an early age she pursued music, dancing, and acting.

Helena Paparizou's First Group - Antique:

At 17, Helena Paparizou founded the group "Antique" with her friend Niko. Their first hit was "Opa Opa". In 2003, they represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest, presenting their song "I would die for you".

What's Helena Paparizou's Music Like?:

Helena Paparizou's specialty is love songs, often with a theme of overwhelming or even obsessive love. Her interpretations are vigorous; "My Number One" makes dancers out of everyone.

Helena Paparizou's Solo Career:

Helena launched her solo career with a single called "Missed Calls" (Anapandeetes Klisis in Greek) which was a great success. This was followed by her first solo album, "Priorities" (Protereotita in Greek). This album went double platinum. She then released another single, "Mambo", which shot to the top of the Greek charts. "Mambo" and "My Number One" will be released by Nicky Kalliogis' Moda Records July 3rd, 2006.

Why is a Greek singing star singing in English?:

English is the official language of Eurovision. On her own albums, Helena includes both Greek and English versions of some songs.

What is that Eurovision thing anyway?:

Eurovision is an international song contest passionately followed by the rest of the world but largely ignored in the United States - sort of like soccer. The preliminary contests are like "American Idol" as each nation seeks a group to represent them in the final contest.

Where to Get Helena's Music:

Purchase and Download Helena Paparizou's "My Number One"

Watch a video of Helena Paparizou performing "My Number One" at her Official Website. You can also listen to excerpts of some of her other songs.

And this is the version of "My Number One" that won Helena Paparizou the Eurovision award.

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