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Maps of Greece


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Greece - A Basic Map of Greece
Greece map

Greece map

Here is Greece, shown in this map from the CIA World Factbook.

Note: Peiraiefs is an alternate (but now rare) spelling of Piraeus, the port of Athens. Similarly, Elefsis is another spelling for Eleusis, the ancient site of the mysteries of Demeter. The letter "u" is often pronounced as an "f" in modern Greek - you'll hear this most often when someone is talking about the Euro - they'll be saying "EVro or EFro" rather than the "YOUR-0" you may be expecting.

Reading Greek Maps

When traveling by car in Greece, a good rule of thumb in gauging map distances is to calculate that you'll be traveling about 35 miles per hour on average. The exception is when you are traveling on the major highways in Greece, such as the National Road between Athens and Thessaloniki, and the National Road along the north coast of the island of Crete. On those roads, you will probably be able to average 50 miles per hour.

This Greece mileage chart has some distances between major cities in Greece - but remember not all of the major cities are connected by major roads.

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