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Moving to Greece - Living & Working in Greece - Jobs, Laws, Homebuying

Making the move to Greece? Here's information on jobs in Greece, laws and legal resources, buying a home or property in Greece, and tales of those who've made the move.
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Books on Living and Working in Greece
Enjoy these new books on Greece and Greek travel - guidebooks, cookbooks, the history of Greece, Greek culture, and the joy of being Greek or in love with Greece.

Crete on the Half Shell
This fun read is a must for anyone who might be subject to the fantasy of moving to Greece and running a taverna. If Pro Chef and author Brian couldn't pull it off, there might be some food for thought here.

Cool Guide for Living on Crete
Detailed guide to actually working and living in Crete - how to deal with bureaucracy, find a job legally, and make a life in Greece.

Greece - Instructions for Use
Avid independent traveler planning a longer-term stay in Greece, or trying to deal with business and bureaucracy on your trip to Greece? This small book is essential reading.

Quest Magazine
Designed for expatriates, this e-magazine provides articles on relocating, taking advantage of beneficial programs for expats, information on where to relocate, and more.

Holiday Inn Athens Airport
The Holiday Inn near the Athens Airport has an on-line application form. Note: just because there is a form to fill out, that doesn't mean that there is a job opportunity available.

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