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Choose Your Volunteer Opportunity in Greece

What kind of Greek volunteer job suits your vacation plans?


A just-hatched baby sea turtle

A just-hatched baby sea turtle makes its way to the ocean

Copyright Katelios Group; used by permission
What Should I Choose?
This is a travel site, and I'm going to be politically a bit incorrect here and break down volunteer options using a purely superficial, hedonistic standard and my own preferences. To me, working in an urban office in the summer is less pleasant than searching for turtle nests on the coast of Zakynthos. You may disagree....

Social Work/Medical
Generally, social work opportunities (assisting the aged, offering medical services, working with refugees, etc) will entail living and working in a possibly less pleasant urban environment. However, urban centers may offer more in the way of nighttime opportunities for entertainment, restaurants, cultural events. Most medical or social work opportunities have specific requirements and may have a longer time commitment than most vacations will accommodate.

There are organizations which offer "volunteer" English-teaching opportunities in Crete. This is definitely an opportunity to work in Greece and is focused on those in the teaching profession. However, be aware that the participation fee may be about equal to the cost of an independent trip.

Wildlife and Conservation
Working with wildlife organizations usually assures an island or mountain environment which may enhance the "vacation" aspect of volunteering on your vacation. Some of these locations can be remote and evening times may offer little other than the company of your group and the sound of the sea. One of these organizations with 40 annual volunteer slots is the Katelios Group which works on the island of Kefalonia saving sea turtles.

Veterinarians: Many small wildlife hospitals in Greece would welcome your assistance or your help in covering vacation time. One of these is the Wildlife Hospital on the island of Lesbos. Lesbian Wildlife Hospital.

Corfu Donkey Rescue This established rescue organization is a registered charity and devotes itself to rescuing donkeys, an often under-appreciated animal in Greece. They need volunteer help of all kinds.

Are you one of the brave ones? Okay - on to the opportunities awaiting you in Greece! Volunteer Organizations in Greece

Text Copyright 2001 by deTraci Regula. Photo of rescued vixen used by permission from Paul Miotti, Lesbian Wildlife Hospital. All rights reserved.

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