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Athens Airways


Athens Airways Plane

Athens Airways Plane

Photo copyright Athens Airways; used by permission

Heading for Thessaloniki?:

Athens Airways offers its maiden flights to Alexandropoulis in Northern Greece, with other destinations being added during the spring. It is sometimes called Athens Air or Athens Airlines, but the official name in English is Athens Airways.

Special Fares:

As Athens Airways tries to establish itself, you can expect some exceptional fares. It also is looking to become better known prior to the planned expansion of its fleet later in 2009.

Schedule is Limited to Start:

With only one plane at launch, the schedule is limited. But Athens Airways was also one of the surviving bidders for Olympic Air - but even without taking over the national airline, Athens Airways will be a force to be reckoned with.

Can't find it in the Comparison Engines? Here's why.:

As a small, regional airline, Athens Airways may not show up in the comparison engines since it does not have relationships in place with many other airlines. Without those connections, most comparison engines won't bother listing them as an option. Check what airlines serve a connecting airport you want to use - there's usually a page devoted to the current carriers - and regional airlines will show up there.

All-Jet Fleet for Short Hops in Greece:

As a domestica airline, Athens Airways is relying on a leased fleet of small 50-seat jet aircraft. While these are more comfortable than the turbo props used by Olympic Airlines on some island flights, they are still fairly small. Yet they may be too big for some smaller airports.

Ahead of Schedule Already:

It's always nice to hear of an airline being on time - Athens Airways wasn't expected to begin operations until March 2009, and they managed to offer their first flight on the last weekend of January.

Athens Airways:

Athens Airways
English-language Website: Athens Airways Note: the English version of the website is limited. The Greek site is more full-featured but can be a challenge if you don't read Greek. Here's an easy way to translate Greek websites into useful English, .or, for that matter, your choice of dozens of other languages.

Toll free within Greece: 801-801-4000
International: (+30) 210-6696-600

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