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Tips, schedules, and other information about the hydrofoils and ferries traveling through the Greek Isles, including Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, from Italy to Greece, and more.
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Minoan Lines
Minoan Lines offers ferries from Athens to Crete and from Italy to mainland Greece, among other destinations. The Crete route ferries are large ferries which are like small cruise ships.

Minoan Lines: Phaistos Palace

Lavrion The Unknown Port of Greece
Island hopping in the Greek islands? This "extra" port on the Attic peninsula may be useful in your explorations.

Greek Ferries - Off-season travel on ferries in Greece - Travel by Ferry in...
Greek ferries and hydrofoils can be a great way to get around the Greek islands for some island-hopping - but in the low season it can be much more challenging to see Greece this way. Are you up for it?

Beaufort Scale Defined for Travel in Greece
If you're island-hopping in Greece, it helps to know something about the Beaufort Wind Scale and its effect on your travel plans.

Find A Greek Ferry Godmother - Tips on Ferry Travel
There's no magic wand, but these personal tips and resources will help you find your way through Greece by ferry or hydrofoil.

Greece and Egypt - Traveling between Greece and Egypt - Combining your Trip...
Greece to Egypt - some say it can't be done cheaply, but it can with this "secret" combination of ferries.

Booking Service: Openseas from Forthnet
Openseas is a search service from Forthnet.gr checking itineraries and destinations for what they claim is almost every Greek ship or ferry.

Greece Ferry Ports
This handy list from Danae Travel detailing what you need to know about the main ferry ports in Greece - Piraeus, Lavrion, Rafina, Agios Constantinos, Igoumenitsa, Thessaloniki, Volos - is very helpful to the first-time traveler.

Best Greek Ferry Line- Readers' Choice Award
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