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What to Do in Greece


You're in Greece! Now what? Here are some of my favorite things to do in Greece and the Greek islands.
  1. Sightseeing in Greece
  2. Eating and Drinking in Greece
  3. Explore Greek Culture
  4. Beaches in Greece
  1. Sports and Recreation
  2. Special Events in Greece
  3. Greek Archaeology and Historic Sites

Sightseeing in Greece

The Temple of Isis on the open-air museum island of Delos, one of the Cycladic Islands of Greece.

Where to visit to get the most out of your trip to Greece.

Eating and Drinking in Greece

Picture of a souvlaki pita

You're in for a treat - great food, fun places to eat it, wineries and winetastings, and much more.

Explore Greek Culture

New Year's Eve in Athens

Greece's rich past is full of delights - here's how to explore them and never, ever be bored. Hint: take time to stop for plenty of iced frappes in summer, or try a reviving glass of rustic wine in winter.

Beaches in Greece

One of the best parts of Greece is its amazing coastline, filled with both party-hearty stretches of sand and isolated bare-in-all-ways beaches.

Sports and Recreation

Freeclimbers at Meteora

Get active on your trip to Greece. Scuba dive in Greece, hike, kayak, go to a game, try an extreme sport.

Special Events in Greece

Rockwave Music Festival

Greece hosts international concerts, festivals, and special holiday celebrations throughout the year - and you're welcome to join in.

Greek Archaeology and Historic Sites

Explore the fascinating history and archaeology of Greece.

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