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PASOK rally in Greece prior to the 2009 elections.

PASOK rally in Greece prior to the 2009 elections.

Photo of PASOK rally copyright by Milos Bicanski, Getty Images
Definition: PASOK stands for the first letters of the Greek words in Panellinio Sosialistikó Kínima. In English, this is usually rendered as the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. Along with ND, New Democracy, they are one of the largest political parties in Greece.

PASOK won the elections held in Greece October 4th, 2009.

Prime Minister of Greece Georgiou Papandreou is still the President of PASOK as of early November 2011.

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Pronunciation: puh-SOK
Also Known As: Often called "the socialists" or the "socialist party", especially in reports discussing both PASOK and the more conservative New Democracy party.

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