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Greek Political Parties and Politicians

Greece and its government, ministries, political parties in Greece, PASOK, ND, New Democracy, elections, politicians, and Greek political biographies and more.

New Democracy Party
What is ND?

What is PASOK? Quick definition of PASOK, one of the leading political parties in Greece

Homepage of Panhellino Socialistiko Kinima, the former ruling party of Greece. Greek only.

Communist Party of Greece
English-language look at Greece's third-largest political party, Kommunistiko Koma Ellados (KKE). Also in Greek.

The Leaders of Greece
Who is the President of Greece? Who is the Prime Minister of Greece?

Golden Dawn
The far-right Golden Dawn political party in Greece has gathered political power in the 2012 elections.

SYRIZA took second place in the May 2012 elections in Greece, pushing PASOK into third. What is the world view of SYRIZA?

Elections in Greece 2000
Quick look at the campaign determining the government of Greece. Will New Democracy or PASOK prevail?

Election Update
The results of the exciting tally of the votes in the vigorous campaign.

Election Update 2000
Election update for Greek presidential election in 2000.

Dora Bakoyannis
Dora Bakoyannis - Greece's first woman foreign minister

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