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Top 7 Books on Greek Gods and Goddesses


When you travel to Greece, you'll encounter the names and ancient temples of the Greek gods and goddesses everywhere. It's handy to be able to tell them apart as you travel through Greece.

1. Art and Myth in Greece

If you are a museum junkie like me, you'll especially enjoy this book interpreting some of the art you'll see in your travels. Every statue has a story and this will help you to decipher some of them.
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2. Life, Myth, and Art in Ancient Greece

This in-depth but accessible book further explores the connections between the arts and the myths. From Oxford University Press.
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3. Chiron Dictionary of Greek and Roman Mythology

This book is especially handy if your travels in Europe cover Italy and the Roman empire as well as Greece. It's thorough and interesting, yet small enough to take along on your trip.
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4. Greek Gods and Heroes by Robert Graves

The renowned poet Robert Graves was also a mythographer, and here he turns to the gods and heroes of Greece, simplified for children but also handy for the traveler.
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5. The Gods of the Greeks

Carl Kerenyi was a dedicated mythographer and scholar. This is a fascinating book for the more serious reader. If you're looking for a quick introduction to the myths, this is probably not the best book choice for you.
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6. The Complete Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

While nothing can truly claim to be complete in Greek mythology, this book is informative and well-illustrated. But, by the end of your trip to Greece, if you don't know at least three variants on every "fact" about the myths of the gods and goddesses, you haven't been paying attention.
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7. Bullfinch's Mythology

If you remember a Greek mythology book from school, this may be it. It's the classic book on classical myths, including all of the best-known myths of the Greek gods and goddesses.
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