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Fast Facts on: Kronos

The Greek god of time


Here is a quick introduction to the Lord of Time, Kronos.

Kronos' Appearance: Vigorous male, tall and powerful, or as an old bearded man.

Symbol or Attributes of Kronos: No distinct symbol; sometimes pictured with the zodiac, the ring of star symbols.

Kronos' Strengths: Determined, rebellious

Kronos' Weaknesses: Jealous of his own children, violent.

Kronos' Parents: Son of Ouranus and Gaia.

Kronos' Spouse: Rhea

Children of Kronus: Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. In addition, Aphrodite was born from his severed member which Zeus threw into the sea.

Some Major Temple Sites of Kronos: Kronos generally does not have temples of his own. Eventually, Zeus forgave his father and allowed Kronus to be king of the Elysian Islands, an area of the Underworld.

Kronos' Basic Story: Kronos was the son of Uranus or Ouranus and Gaia, goddess of the earth. Ouranus was jealous of his own offspring and Kronus eventually had to kill his own father. Unfortunately, Kronos also became afraid that his own children would seize his power and so he consumed each child as soon as Rhea gave birth to them. Rhea was understandably upset and finally substituted a rock wrapped in a blanket for her newborn baby son, Zeus, and took him to Crete to be raised there in safety. Zeus ultimately defeated and castrated Kronos and forced him to regurgitate Rhea's other children. Interesting Fact: Kronos still survives in New Year's celebrations as "Father Time" who is replaced by the "New Year's Baby", usually swaddled or in a loose diaper - a form of Zeus that recalls the "rock" wrapped with cloth. In this form, he is often accompanied with a clock or timepiece of some kind.
The word chronometer, another term for a time keeper such as a watch, also derives from the name of Kronos.

Frequent Misspellings and Alternate Spellings: Chronus, Chronos, Cronus, Kronos, Kronus

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