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The ABCs of Greek - Learn the Greek Alphabet


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Learn the Greek Alphabet - The 24 Letters of the Greek Alphabet
Greek alphabet chart showing all 24 letters of the Greek alphabet

Letters of the Greek Alphabet Chart - from Alpha to Omega

Greek alphabet letters chart copyright deTraci Regula; licensed to About.com
Take a look at all 24 of the letters of the Greek alphabet in this handy chart. For beta, remember it is pronounced "vayta", and for Psi, actually say the "puh" sound - p-sy, unlike in English where we say "ps" as just "s" - as in the word "psychology". And that "D" for Delta"? It's a softer "th" sound.

The phrase "From Alpha to Omega" - or "beginning to end" comes from the Greek slphabet - which starts with the letter alpha and - take a guess now - ends with omega. These two are probably the best-known of all the Greek letters.

The different shapes of the Greek lower-case letter Sigma are not really alternate forms - they are both used in modern Greek, depending on where the letter occurs in a word. The more "o" shaped variant starts a word, while the more "c" shaped version usually ends a word.

Now click through to learn or review the first three Greek letters - Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. By the way, be sure you know one big difference with the Greek alphabet from the English one - there are only 24 letters in the Greek alphabet, not 26.

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