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The ABCs of Greek - Learn the Greek Alphabet


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Learn the Greek Alphabet - The First Three Letters Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
The ABCs of Greek - Learn the Greek Alphabet
Time after time, being able to read the Greek alphabet saves travelers detours, wrong turns, and much time and frustration. It's quick to learn enough letters to tell Athens from Piraeus, to tell "New Epidaurus" from "Ancient Epidaurus" from the "Port of Epidaurus". You may never need to if you're on an organized tour - but if you're the independent type, you owe it to yourself to "pack" this knowledge in your braincase.

In Crucial Tips for the Independent Traveler , you saw how handy it is to be able to at least read the letters of the Greek alphabet. Even if you don't learn Greek, some words are similar to English and once you have the alphabet down, it can help you get around more smoothly.

These are given in the order of the letters of the Greek alphabet...which starts with alpha and beta, giving us the word "alphabet"! Pronunciations are approximate as this is designed to help you sound out signs rather than speak the language. Check the link list below for audio files. The first two are easy - "alpha" for "A" and "beta" for "B" - though in Greek, it is much softer and sounds like a "v". But "gamma", while defined as "g", is often pronounced much more softly as well, as a "y" sound in front of "i" and "e". So Gianni really is Yanni.

Go on to the next three letters of the Greek alphabet.

You can also practice on some real Greek roadsigns.

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