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Speak Greek Free Language Program


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Speak Greek Live Greek:

This is an officially-sponsored program from UNESCO designed to teach Greek on-line.

Interactive Lessons in Greek:

This system starts with the basics of the Greek alphabet, including a video of how to write each Greek letter properly.

Test Yourself on Your Greek Language Lessons:

Each lesson is followed with quizzes to help you master the material. The quizzes, like the lessons, employ audio and video to help demonstrate the questions.

Right for Beginners and More Advanced Students:

If you already know the alphabet and the basics, you can choose the "Advanced" group of lessons instead.

Lessons Amuse Kids and Adults:

Since the lessons and even the quizzes are interactive, it's a fun way to learn Greek no matter what your age.

Just Looking for Tourist Greek? This isn't for you.:

This course is designed to thoroughly teach Greek. You won't be getting the basic tourist phrases here - while this is a fun course to take, its goal is much more serious: teaching you the entire Greek language, not just "Pou ine toiletta?" (where's the bathroom?)

Learn Greek, Live Greek, Love Greece:

Note: This program is no longer available on line; I contacted UNESCO directly in an effort to find its new home online, but it seems to have vanished. I have left the link below on the off chance that it is reactivated or redirected at some point. In the meantime, I have found a couple of other fun, free Greek language learning resources online:
BBC Greek Language Lessons
Learn Greek - Cyprus-based Greek language program - This one has three levels and also includes a special separate Ancient Greek module.

The "Speak Greek - Live Greek" e-learning program seeks to fill in a major gap - for the past two or three decades, few American students have studied Greek in high school, where it used to be a permanent resident. Not being exposed to Greek language and literature, students grow up indifferent to the "Glory that Was (or is) Greece". Programs like this hope to help interested students to understand Greek so they can also form an appreciation of Greek culture.

The sign-up for the program is accessible from the main English-language page given above, though you may still have to click on the small British flag at the upper right corner of the page to get to the English portin of the site. Then you must go to the section named "Content" and click on "Beginners" in order to sign up. The entries under "Home" give information on the program's purpose, but don't include a sign-up link.

The lessons are also available for Russian and Spanish speakers. But help is in Greek only, at least as of my last visit.

If you just want to learn the basics of Greek for your upcoming trip, you may want to try my Learn the Greek Alphabet in 8 3-minute Lessons or my even shorter, alphabet-free How to Speak Tourist Greek to help you get around in Greece.

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