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Translate Greek to English

Quick free ways to understand Greek webpage


The Greek Alphabet

The Greek Alphabet

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Not too long ago, automatic translation of Greek to English resulted in something that was neither - and of little help for the average traveler. But now automated Greek to English translation is good enough to be very useful if your trip planning takes you far away from the usual tourist destinations. If it's on the Internet, it can be on your itinerary.

Note: While it is tempting to use automated translation on important documents, if anything of legal weight is riding on your understanding of a translated document, hire a professional translator. Automated translations will also generally not be accepted for business purposes and other uses.

Google Translate - Greek to English

My personal favorite is Google Translate. It works two ways - you can cut and paste Greek material into the translation window, or you can simply copy the URL over and Google will create a translated page. For most purposes, this is the quickest and easiest way to go.

How to Use Google Translate for Greek to English Translations

  • Go to the Greek website you want to translate.
  • 2. Copy the URL.
  • 3. Go to Google.
  • 4. At the top left of the Google home page, click on "More". This will provide a drop-down menu. Select "Translate", presently the third one down as of this writing.
  • 5. In the "From" box, select "Greek".
  • 6. In the "To" box, select "English"
  • 7. Copy the URL into the translation box.
  • 8. Click on the "Translate" button just above the translation box.
  • 9. Enjoy your newly translated page.

Depending on the length of the page, not everything may be translated. In this case, simply copy the remaining text directly into the "translate" box and click "translate".

Google also gives you an option to automatically translate websites that are in Greek to English.


One of the original automated translation programs, Babelfish is still worth using. It's part of Yahoo now and uses a similar interface to the Google Translate above. They have a separate box for the URL to translate a webpage.


I loved the Greektionary site and it had automated translation for Greek words and shorter passages. They also offered a daily newsletter with three Greek words to learn, along with a sentence using the words. All were accompanied by audio, and on the site, you can select either a normal speed of audio or a slowed-down one better for beginners. Unfortunately, this website has been discontinued but I'm still hoping that it will rise again.
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