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The Best Greek Island - What's Your Favorite?

Which Greek Island is the best of all?


View from the island of Milos.
Photo by deTraci Regula; licensed to About.com
When I'm asked what the "best Greek Island" is, I usually help a reader through my own checklist of what they'll love and what they'll want to avoid and try to find a match - sort of like online dating, only with one partner being a Greek island. It's even more challenging when it's a couple with vastly different interests trying to find an island combining both, say, history and hedonism.

It may help to first decide why you want to go to Greece - and my list of The Top Ten Reasons to Travel to Greece may help you discover your own best travel style for Greece.

For me, I'm afraid I'm terribly fickle - sometimes it feels like my "best" Greek island is always the last one I visited, but then an old favorite island will start beckoning - and I'm lost again. Explore new horizons or re-experience an old favorite? How can I possibly decide?

So I'm turning to you for help. Got a strong opinion in favor of quiet, beautiful Kimolos being the "Best"? Like Lefkada? Maybe it's Rhodes? Or the big island of Crete, which could really count for two or three islands all by itself? Here's your chance. You can tell us all why your "Best Greek Island" really is worth the title!

Scroll on down and/or click here on "Share Your Favorite" to contribute. And, while you can fill in your information if you want to, you can also post completely anonymously - just in case you're worried about all the other Greek islands showing up at your front door and demanding why you didn't choose one of them.

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