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Greek Islands - Visiting the Islands of Greece

Find the perfect Greek island for your trip to Greece. Don't be shy - you can choose several. Each Greek island has its own personality - one of them will be perfect for you.
  1. Aegean Islands (26)
  2. Beaches in Greece (68)
  3. Cycladic Islands (145)
  4. Dodecanese Isles (91)
  5. Greek Islands (44)
  6. Ionian Islands (53)
  7. Kalokairi - The Mamma Mia Isle (7)
  8. More Islands (25)
  9. Party Islands (10)
  10. Santorini Mykonos (2)
  11. Saronic Gulf Isles (14)
  12. Sporades Islands (40)

The Best Greek Islands - Readers Respond

What is the best Greek island? Find what the best Greek island is, in the opinion of readers of About Greece. Disagree? Let's hear from you!

One Greek Island for One Year - Which Greek Island Would You Choose?

One Greek Island for One Year - Which Greek Island would you choose?

Top 20 Largest Greek Islands

Greece has thousands of islands. What are the largest Greek islands?

Greek Islands - What is the Most Popular Greek Island?

The Greek islands appeal to everyone - but some appeal to more visitors than others. What is the Most Popular Greek Island? What is the Most Popular Island in Greece? Which island is the most popular?

Ionian Islands - The Ionian Islands of Greece

Ionian Islands - The Ionian Islands of Greece

Vacations in Greece

Looking for a relaxing vacation in Greece? Want to see Greece the easy way? Join up with an escorted tour of Greece for your vacation, and leave all the driving, transfers, and planning to someone else.

Cheap Hotels on Santorini

I hate using the word "cheap" to head off this article, since that conjures up images of sleazy motels off some highway. But these budget choices are all little gems on the island of Santorini, letting you really relax during your stay on this Greek island - you won't be worrying about how much it's costing you.

Greek Island Hopping Peter Sommer Tours - Greek Island Hopping with Peter...

Greek Island Hopping Peter Sommer Tours - Greek Island Hopping with Peter Sommer Tours

What's the Best Greek Island for You?

What's the best Greek island? Find out and post your own answer for everyone.

How to Not Visit A Nude Beach in Greece

How to Not Visit a Nude Beach in Greece. There's an etiquette to going nude - or not going nude - on the beaches of Greece. Here's how to avoid making a faux pas on the sand.

Greek Island Finder

Not sure where that Greek island or other location is in Greece? Check this handy list to easily get to where you want to go.

Greek Islands with Bare Beaches

A quick reference list to Greek islands with known nude beaches.

Beachhopping in Greece

Islands = beaches - usually. Here is where you can find the best sand on the islands.

Greek Island Museums

The smallest islands seem to have the most fascinating museums - and they make for a great break out of the gleaming sun.

Greek Island Hopping by Hydrofoil

Fast and fun, hydrofoils can take you to many Greek island adventures.


Temple-crowned Aigina is beautiful, easy to visit from Athens, and has the best pistachios in the world.


The Marine Wildlife preserve in the waters around Alonissos keeps this island on the ecotourist's top ten list.

Carpathos (Karpathos)

This island in the Dodecanese group is rich in folklore and hospitality.

Cephalonia - Wild Horses

Need another reason to visit Cephalonia? Tourist attention may be the only thing saving these beautiful wild horses from extinction.

Corfu, Part of Paradise

The cosmopolitan island of Corfu attracts visitors and expatriates. Staying relatively warm even in winter, it's a great getaway which is especially popular with British tourists.

Cos (Kos)

Popular with doctors, the ancient home of Hippocrates is a healthy choice for any traveler to Greece.

Crete - Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

Meet the amazing Minoans at this don't-miss museum on Crete.

Crete - Elounda's Lagoon of Mermaids

Enjoy this beautiful and mystical lagoon at Elounda on the island of Crete, Greece near the picturesque small city of Agios Nikolaos. Explore Elounda, Ancient Olous, Spinalonga.

Crete - Knossos

This meandering, mysterious palace still entrances visitors. Was it the original labyrinth? See if you can escape.

Crete - The Battle of Crete

The bravery of the Cretans at this key battle of World War II may have changed history.

Crete - Why Go to Gortyn?

In the heart of Minoan Crete, an extensive Roman city sits in the midst of olive groves. Can't be beat for a contemplative wander.

Crete- Lively Lassithi

Whirling windmills are just part of the charms of Crete's high Lassithi Plain.

Cruises - Unexpected Greek Cruises

Unusual destinations on these repositioning cruises can mean big values.

Cyprus - Aphrodite's Island

Goddesses have notoriously good taste in choosing island homes - follow the Goddess of Love's lead and visit this island republic.

Delos - Images of the Sacred Island

Wander the byways of this island archaeological preserve.

Gavdos - The Southernmost Island of Europe - Gavdos and Gavdopoula

Get away from (almost) everything on the island of Gavdos off the south coast of Crete in the Libyan Sea.


Easy to get to from Athens, this traditional island and its picture-perfect harbor is a delight.

Kythira (Cythera) - Aphrodite's Other Island

Great goddesses need more than one island - try this one for yourself.


Take a look at Leros for your Greek getaway.


Loyal fans make the big island of Lesbos one of the most popular islands for repeat visitors.

Mykonos and Delos

These two nearby islands pair the sacred and the (very) secular in perfect balance.

Paros - Another Word for Paradise

Often missed by visitors, this lovely island is growing in popularity. Visit it now.

Rhodes - Rhodes City

Half a modern town, half a reconstructed medieval walled city - you'll enjoy Rhodes City.

Rhodes - The Rhodes Less Travelled

Forgive the pun as we explore the rest of the unusual island of Rhodes.

Santorini - Edge of a Volcano

Planning on making the leap into marriage? Consider doing it on the cliffs of Santorini.


Irresistible, dramatic, mysterious - everyone has to visit Santorini at least once.

Scuba Diving in Greece

As more areas open to underwater wanderings, scuba diving is enjoying a renaissance in Greece.


A secret of upscale travelers, Spetses can work with almost any budget.

Symi - See You on Symi

Enjoy the charms of this still-pristine island, filled with a wonderful summer festival.

Eyewitness Travel Guides: The Greek Islands

Planning a trip to Greece? Your choice of guidebook can impact your trip in many ways. Find out if the Eyewitness Guide to the Greek Islands is the best choice for your trip to Greece.

Evia - The Other "Big" Island of Greece

Find out about Evia, which is second only to Crete in size and offers a unique, unspoiled experience to the intrepid traveler... but still has enough amenities and infrastructure to make it easy enough to fully enjoy.

Mediterranean Islands

This handy, clearly written book helps the reader identify ideal islands throughout the Mediterranean, including Greece.

Booking Service: Openseas from Forthnet

Need a ferry? This service lists almost all the schedules, unlike some of its competitors.

Best Greek Island

Are you in love with a Greek - ? If you're passionate about a Greek island, nominate your favorite Greek island for the About Greece Travel 2012 Readers Choice Awards.
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