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Greek Folk Art

Everything about Greek folk arts and crafts, manufacturers,etailers, retailers, artists and craftspeople, and shops.

Ekonomeas Gallery - Unusual "new" ancient art
This jaded shopper's spirit revived at the sight of these unusual approaches to ancient art styles - you may enjoy them too.

Flokati Rugs - What exactly is a flokati rug and do I want one in my house?

Komboloi - The No-Worry Beads of Greece
Explore the fascinating story of the worry beads of Greece - and see how they may enhance your trip.

Make Red Eggs for Greek Easter
Bright red Easter eggs are an important symbol of Easter in the Greek Orthodox practice, and they are used to adorn special easter foods as well. They can be easily made using all natural dye made from onion skins and vinegar, and it's a fun way to explore a Greek folk art.

The Penmaker of Poros
Combining honey, olive wood, and skill, craftsman Mixalis Boras of MIK pens creates sensuous writing instruments on the island of Poros.

Your Best Greek Souvenir
Greek Souvenirs - did you score the best Greek souvenir ever? Tell us about your great Greek find and help others find a unique Greek souvenir.See submissions

How to Tie a Greek Orthodox Prayer Rope
This is a different, hands-on approach to this Greek folk art. Photos, even a video.

Cretan Arts
On-line shopping for reproductions of Cretan frescos, the Snake Goddess (check out the nice plaque as well as the statues), even Minoan-themed T-shirts. Handmade on Crete.

Komboloi Museum of Nafplion
Part workshop and store, part museum, this delightful spot is well worth a visit to anyone interested in worry beads, either virtually at their website or in person in the Peloponnese. On-line sales as well.

Derpapas Mosaics
Inspired by ancient Minoan art and by the beauty of the surrounding islands, this mosaic artist revivifies this tradition.

Komboskini - Prayer Ropes
Traditional prayer ropes as used by Greek Orthodox monks, made at monasteries.

Nanos Woodworking
Traditional handcarved icons, cabinets and other furnishings, anything made of wood, large or small.

Pipinas Copper and Bronze
Handmade metal objects and accessories.

Potter's Village of Thrapsano
Fascinating account of the process of making pithara - large pots - in the traditional villages of Thrapsano and Margarites.

Spirit of Greece
Vassilis Politakis recreates Minoan pottery using traditional materials and techniques, making exact copies as well as new pieces inspired with the spirit of the ancient Minoans.

The Stefana Collection - Worry Beads
Finely crafted, upscale worry beads for the fashion-minded collector. They also offer traditional wedding crowns.

Find out about the history of komboloi (worry beads), and order on-line from a big selection.

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