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The President, Prime Minister, and Other Leaders of Greece

Who are the president and prime minister of Greece?


Parliament Building at Syntagma Square, Athens Greece

Parliament Building at Syntagma Square, Athens Greece

Picture of Parliament Building at night © deTraci Regula, licensed to About.com
Updated May 03, 2014
The current President of Greece: Karolos Papoulias. Papoulias originally took office on March 12th, 2005. He was re-elected on February 3rd, 2010. As Greece has presidential term limits, this will be his second and final term. In Greece, which is a parliamentary republic, the real power is held by the Prime Minister who is the "face" of Greek politics. The President is the head of state but his role is mainly symbolic.

The elections in Greece on June 17th, 2012 resulted in a change in government but did not affect the presidency.

On June 20th, 2012, Antonis Samaras was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Greece.

On May 16th, 2012, Panagiotis Pikramenos was sworn in as the leader of an interim government who was in power until after the June 17th elections.

Until May 6th, 2012, the Prime Minister of Greece was Lucas Papademos. He took over from George A. Papandreou
on November 10th, 2011.

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