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Greece in June 2014

The first month of Greek summer simmers


propylaion gate acropolis

Crowds at the Propylaion Gate at the Acropolis

deTraci Regula
In June, Greece usually wakes up to the summer season of tourists, cultural events, and a very un-Greek busy lifestyle. Merchants, restaurateurs, and hoteliers who live most of the year on the mainland return en masse to the islands to deal with the influx of Grecophiles.

In 2011, 2012, and 2013 the situation in the Middle East sent some would-be Egypt, Libya and Israel travelers to Greece instead, resulting in the most tourists ever in Greece, and the Greek financial crisis is still changing the game a bit for 2014. Most expect 2014 to be a busier year than 2013, and early bookings for 2014 are even stronger.

Cultural festivals, while they have been pared down in many places, are still getting underway. The major cultural festivals which comprise the Hellenic Festival open, with events at the Odeon of Herodes & Regilla Atticus, the Lycabettus Theater, and at the ancient theater at Epidaurus.

Dozens of other summer festivals begin in June. Some of them include the Patras and Gythio festivals in the Peloponnese, performances by the Nelly Dimoglou troupe begin at the Old City of Rhodes on Rhodes, and the Lato Cultural Festival in and around Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete.

For modern music fans, Rockwave 2014, sometimes held in July, will be in June in 2014, Saturday June 28th to Monday June 30th. Check the Didi Music website for lineup and programming details closer to the time of the festival.

In 2014, Aegean Airlines is expected to sponsor the Ninth Annual Aegean Pro-Am Golf Tournament. The tournament is often in late June; 2014 dates were not yet available as of this writing.

2014 also sees the return of "The Myth of Matala Lives!" reunion in Matala, Crete. This originally privately-organized event is no a civic event and is welcoming back anyone who lived in the caves during the 60s and 70s or became addicted to Matala later on. The original event in 2011 is said to have brought up to 40,000 people to Matala, slightly fewer for 2012, and a bigger crowd in 2013. The dates are June 20th-22nd for 2014; more information will be available at the Visit Matala festival website closer to the date.

Greece in Brief

Mainland Weather: Hot to very hot
Island/Coastal Weather: Hot, but cooled by breezes in many places
Sample Average Temperatures:
Athens: 67-83 F 19-28 C
Heraklion, Crete 66-80 F 18-26 C
Prices: High; early in the month there may still be some bargains.
Events: Local festivals, arts festivals aimed at tourists, sound and light shows. Outdoor cinemas are popular; many mountain villages have special events primarily attended by Greeks though all are welcome. Ioannina Cultural Summer events begin, and continue through August.

Facilities: Everything is open. Most frequent flights, ferries - often crowded but easiest to get around at this time of year, though the meltemi may cause some delays. Many resorts will have activities aimed at children; waterparks open.

Festivals and Feast Days

Please note: festivals change their dates due to many factors. If you are planning a trip around a particular festival, locally confirm that it is actually happening before you go. Corrections and additions to this list are welcomed.

April-October Sound and Light Show at the Acropolis
June-August - Patras - Patras International Festival
June-August - Athens - Lycabettus Theater Festival
June - September - Gythio Festival
June-September Athens Festival
June-September Penteli - Krystallia at Penteli in the tower
June-September Petroupoli - Petras Festival
June-October Nelly Dimoglou troupe at the Old City of Rhodes on Rhodes.
June - Various dates - Syros - Performances in Apoloon Theater
June - First Weekend - Karpathos - Amopi - Local Festival - varies each month. June is devoted to wine.
June - Start of the month - Florina - Festival of Local Dances
June - September - Agios Nikolaos - Crete - "Lato" Cultural festival through September
June - End of the month - Lesbos - Agia Paraskevis - Festival of the Bull - three-day festival with horse races, music.
June - End of the month - Navy Week - celebrated at most important ports and harbors in Greece.
June - End of the month - Lesbos - Molyvos and Kaloni - Navy week celebrations
June - Krousta - Crete - Feast of the Klidona
June 1 - 10 - Alexandroupolis - Flower Show
June 2nd - Lesvos - Kaloni - Festival of the Holy Trinity - horse races, wine.
June 2nd - Paros - Lefkes - Feast day of Agia Triada
June 2nd - Name Day for Nikiforos, Nikiphoros
June 4th - Name Day for Martha
June 5th - International Environment Day - free admission to some museums and sites. Name Day for Apollo
June 8th - Ascension of Jesus; Name Day of Calliope
June 11th - Name Day for Barnabas
June 14th - Feast of St. Methodios
Between June 25th- July 15th -One Sunday in this time - Emborio in Kozani -Flowers and Cherry Blossom Dance
June 15- October 30th Amorgos - Festival of local customs
June 15- October 30th Mykonos Art Exhibit
June 20th-30th approx - Klidonas, Crete - Fortunetelling festival.
June 23rd - Paros - Aliki Beach - Revival of an ancient custom of jumping over bonfires made from May Day wreaths
June 24th - Nativity of St. John
June 26th - Name Day for David
June 29th - Feast of St. Peter
June 30th - Feast Day for The Twelve Holy Apostles; Name Day for Apostolos

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