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Greece in July 2014

The heart of summer in Greece


Map of Greece

Map of Greece

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July in Greece is generally a busy month, full of events. The major cultural festivals are all in full swing. The Hellenic Festival offers a rich variety of events in Athens at the historic Herodes Atticus theater by the Acropolis, at the modern Lycabettus Theater on Lycabettus Hill. There are also events at the ancient theater at Epidaurus where the best Greek theater troupes recreate ancient dramas.

July 2014 is also a great month in Greece for more modern music and dance festivals. Looking for Rockwave? It sometimes occurs in July.

From July through September, the city of Rethymnon on the island of Crete hosts a Renaissance Festival which takes full advantage of its Venetian past. Rethymno is often overlooked by visitors to Greece, which is a shame as it offers great historic sites, interesting architecture, fun shopping, and some top-notch restaurants and traditional music venues.

Up in the village of Anogia on Crete, the Yakinthia provides an unusual look at Greek life in late July - it was July 27-29th for 2013. There is also the annual traditional Wine Festival of Dafnes in mid-July.
And on Corfu, Cricket Week draws international fans of the game, not the bug.

At Delphi, ancient drama is the subject of presentations, plays, and events; again, confirm this year's dates directly. This beautiful mountain town and its great archaeological site are must-sees any time; with this festival, it's even better.

July at a Glance:

Mainland Weather: Hot to very hot

Island/Coastal Weather: Hot, but the meltemi, a cooling strong wind, blows, sometimes strongly enough to create very rough water. Want to beat the heat? Here's how.

Prices: Along with August, July prices are the highest of the year. But crowds are still a little light this season, so keep asking for bargains.

Events: Local festivals, arts festivals aimed at tourists, sound and light shows. Outdoor cinemas are popular; many mountain villages have special events primarily attended by Greeks though all are welcome. In Ioannina in northwestern Greece, the Ioannina Cultural Summer events begin and continue through August.

Facilities: Everything is open. The frequent flights and ferries are often crowded but in general, it's easiest to get around at this time of year, though the meltemi may cause some delays. Many resorts will have activities aimed at children; waterparks are open. Not a good month to trust accommodations to chance though there will usually be something available even at the last minute or on arrival at the dock. Also, in recent years, many "key" monuments and sights may be open special extended hours. Check locally before planning your sightseeing day - you may have more time than you think.

Festivals and Name Days in July:

July - August - Crete - Lassithi Plain - Diktaia Festival
July -August 15th - Kornaria - Sitia, Crete - Major cultural festival
July - August - Kyrvia - Ierapetra - Crete - Cultural festival.
July-August Kos - Hippokratia or Ipokratia - celebration of birth of Hippocrates with concerts and athletic events.
July - September - Crete - Rethymnon - Renaissance Festival
July-September - Epidaurus Festival - Weekends
July-September - Philipi and Thassos Festival - Kavala
July-September - Dodoni Festival
July - Crete - Anogi - Yakinthia - unusual folk festival.
July - Santorini Jazz Festival
July - Crete - Chersonissos - Kriti Vibes Open Air Dance Celebrations July - September - Patras Festival - Musical festival
July -September - Heraklion Festival - Music and theater presentations
July - Nafpaktos - Papacharalambia Festival - arts, athletics, and nautical events.
July - Preveza - Nikololia - Ancient Drama festival
July 1st- 10th - Fillatria near Kyparissia - Vlahernia - Drama and dance events
July 1st- 30th - Kalamata - Folk dances at the castle
July - Corfu - Cricket Week - Cricket competitions
July - Rethymnon - Crete - Wine Festival
Mid-July - Heraklion - Crete - Wine Festival
Mid-July - Eleusis (Elefsis) - Folklore Festival
July 7th - St. Kyriaki the Great Martyr
July 7th - Lesbos - Petri - Agia Kyriaki - festival for the saint.
July 8th - Corfu - Lefkimi - Local festival with traditional dancing in honor of Agios Prokifios.
July 11th - St. Ephemia Feast/Name Day
July 17th - St. Marina the Great Martyr Feast Day/Name Day
July 19-20 Forest of Elatia - Sarakatsaneon feast - folk dancing and other customs
July 20th- August 15th - Axos - Theatre,art, and dance events
July 20th - Prophet Elijah (Elias) Feast day
July 20th - Santorini - Pirgo Kalistis - Festival
July-August Ierapetra - Kirvia Festival - artistic events
July-August - Sitia - Kornasia Festival - Cultural events series
July 21-22 (approx) - Corfu - Weekend of free speech in the "Garden of the People"
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