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Greece in April 2014

The early spring is special in Greece


Greece, Crete island, Matala beach
Bruno Morandi/The Image Bank/Getty Images
In April, Greece still belongs to the Greeks. Merchants, restaurateurs, and hoteliers who live most of the year on the mainland are just thinking of returning to the Greek islands for their annual migration.

Greek wildflowers are usually at their best in April, and drier Greek islands such as the Cyclades and Crete will be briefly wearing a gown of green.

Greek Easter sometimes occur in April, and in 2014, Greek Orthodox Easter is celebrated on Sunday, April 20th. It's one of the years when Orthodox Easter and "Western" Easter coincide. Easter is vigorously celebrated throughout Greece, and feasting on Easter lamb is a Sunday tradition. The key event for Easter is midnight mass, often celebrated with fireworks, which can be startling for the unprepared. In Heraklion, Crete, the streets are washed with rosewater on Good Friday and a huge late night seafood meal is a necessity. You can see some of the events in this Easter Photo Gallery

April 18th is International Museums Day, offering free admission to all museums in Greece. Since tourist crowds are still relatively light, with planning, it can be a good opportunity to see several museums for free. In museum-rich Athens, the intrepid traveler may be able to manage four or more.

Greece - Mainland Weather: Cool to warm. Great for sightseeing.
Greek Island/Coastal Weather: Cool to warm. Water temperatures will still be cold, though several hotter days in a row can change that a bit.
Sample Temperatures:
Heraklion Crete 54-67 °F 12-19°C
Prices: Low.
Events: Some local events; not much specifically for tourists.

Facilities: Schedules are still scanty for boat and plane travel to the islands. Some Greek island hotels and restaurants will not be open or will begin to open at the end of the month. Sporting equipment rentals may be hard to find.

Festivals and Feast Days

Please note: Greek festivals change their dates due to many factors. If you are planning a trip to Greece around a particular festival, locally confirm that it is actually happening before you go. Corrections and additions to this list are welcomed.

April-October Sound and Light Show at the Acropolis
April 1st - Feast Day for St. Mary of Egypt. There is a ruined church to this St. Mary located in the Samaria Gorge on Crete.
April 4th - Name Day for Lazarus
April 6th - Efthios Name Day
April 8th - Karpathos - Olymbos - Lambri Triti
April 8th - Thassos - Limenaria - Feast with dancing
April 8th - Megara - Local costumed dancing by women of the Fisherman's Trata.
April 11th - Anastassios Name Day; Lambros Name Day; Pascalis Name Day April 15th - Leonidas name Day
April 16th - Name Day for Pigi
April 18th - International Monuments Day - free admission to most sites.
April 19th - Name Day for Socrates
April 22nd-23rd - Rodohori - Monastery of Agios Yiorgos Peristereotas - Dances
April 22nd - Name Day for Nathaniel
April 23rd - Feast of St. George; Name Day for Georgios
April 23rd - Feast of St. George - Kaliopi - Horse races
April 23rd - Feast of St. George - Arachova - Three-day celebration
April 23rd - Kos - Pili - Horse races, music.
April 24th - Name day for Elizabeth
April 25th - Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist; Name Day for Mark.
April 25th - Name Day for Niki

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