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Rediscovering the Ancient Myths

Events celebrating Greek gods and goddesses


Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

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Most travelers come to Greece with images of the ancient gods and goddesses in their minds. But most visitors don't expect to directly encounter them except by viewing their temples. But for some, these ancient entities are alive and well and, best of all, still showing up at festivals and celebrations. Here's few of them.

This festival conveniently honors both an ancient divinity and a Christian martyr of the same name. Past festivals have included musical performances in honor of Zeus and much more at this secluded mountain village in Crete. Held in the first week of July.

Delphic Festival
This lively new festival promises to bring the Muse back to Delphi with eight days of programs featuring music, dance, and the other arts. Many events are open to the public; ticketing varies. Packages are available from US $650.00.

"Dirty" Monday
This relic of Dionysian revelry held in the town of Tyrnavos is not for the phallephobic as clear evidence of the power of male generation is even openly carried in a parade and shows up in the shape of snacks.

Twelve Gods Celebration
At the end of June, an ardent group of true believers stages public rituals honoring Zeus and the other Olympian deities at Mount Olympus. The event is free and open to all; the main participants all wear ancient Greek costuming but this is not required to attend.

Festival of Aphrodite
On the island Republic of Cyprus, one of Aphrodite's most favorite cities in ancient times remembers their patron goddess with a major theater presentation held in the medieval castle of Pafos. Goddess worshippers may be disappointed but theater goers will be thrilled.

More on the Aphrodite Festival

The "Other" Games - the Nemean Games
Held every four years and open to everybody, this "alternative" to the Olympian Games awards olive wreaths to the victors. The last events drew thousands of spectators and it seems to be sure to be even bigger in 2012.

YSEE YSEE is an organization which frequently performs ancient rites at a number of sites throughout Greece. They also are active in getting and preserving access to temple sites now considered to be "mere" archaeological sites.

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