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Halloween in Greece

Halloween is just catching on in Greece


Halloween in Greece - Pumpkin patch on the Greek island of Milos

Pumpkin patch on the Greek island of Milos

Photo of pumpkin patch on Milos by deTraci Regula

Ancient Greece had no end of costumed events and processions, but until recently, Halloween in Greece was almost non-existent.

Even now, it is mainly the expatriate community who will put on Halloween events for their children. Major hotels catering to the foreign traveler will often have some observance, though it may be no more than a special drink in the bar.

Go Orange and Black at the Pink Palace
The renowned - some say "infamous" Pink Palace on the Greek island of Corfu never misses a chance for a party, and Halloween is no exception. Each year the cheap, wild hostel-like hotel puts on a "Greek-style" Halloween celebration. They promise "Traditional Greek-style cocktails with a Halloween twist". Orange ouzo, anyone?

Find Halloween Costumes in Athens The chain Epilegin offers Halloween costumes and masks, plus other seasonal decorations. They have several locations throughout Athens.

A Greek Halloween in America Greeks in America do participate in Halloween, sometimes with truly horrifying results, as Basile shares in Growing Up Greek in America. Moral: keep your yia-yia (Greek granny) away from your costume.

No Trick or Treating? Enjoy a Greek Pumpkin Pie
Nancy Gaifyllia offers a Greek-style pumpkin pie recipe: Kolokythopita: Greek Pumpkin Pie with Phyllo Dough.

Have A Hostel Halloween
A few other places also mark Halloween in Greece. The Northern Athens Backpackers Hostel in the past have offered a Halloween special that included a discounted rate and admission to their Halloween party. They are located at Koritsas 5 (Sismanoglio) in the suburb of Maroyssi, in the northern part of Athens, Greece. However, this could not be confirmed for this year.

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