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Saving Greek Sea Turtles from Extinction


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Baby Turtles Make Their Way to the Sea
A Greek baby sea turtle

A just-hatched baby sea turtle makes its way to the ocean

Copyright Katelios Group; used by permission
When the last sea turtles are just coming to lay their eggs, the first nests begin to open baby sea turtles make their way to the sea. The Katelios Group does not mark nests in any visible way, and they erase any marks left by the volunteers or by the turtles. The beach is open to the public and marking nests openly can cause accidental or even intentional problems to the nests.

In the sea turtle hatchling season, the night patrols are cancelled to leave the beach free for the turtles. The morning patrols are continued for excavations, which are usually done 10 days after the first sea turtle baby track from the nest or from the expected opening date.

Volunteer Opportunities for Turtle Rescue

Special thanks to Manuel Coleman and the Katelios Group for providing information on the steps in turtle rescue and providing photographs. Photos copyright 2004 The Katelios Group. Used by permission; all rights reserved.

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