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Christmas Feast Prices in Greece

Let's talk turkey about December 25th dinner


Many American wintertime travelers to Greece are surprised to learn that they share something in common with their Greek hosts - a sudden passion for a turkey dinner on December 25th. The turkey has become the "official" bird of Christmas dinner in Greece, and it is so popular that it is the subject of an annual cost of living analysis by the Ministry of Development. Each year, the Ministry tracks the costs of the crucial ingredients for Christmas dinner, one of which is the turkey. They then compare the costs to previous years and release their findings. This year's "Turkey Index" shows a drop in overall costs for the meal. Here it is, in Euros per kilo, which is about 2.2 pounds. If you'd like to calculate it out in full using today's exchange rate, try the currency converters here.

Turkey - 6.30
Lamb - 7.30
Pork - 7.16
Feta Cheese - 6.49
Potatoes - .71
Olive Oil - 5.09

For drinks, the average is 3.62 for a liter and a half of wine and 1.50 for the same amount of a soft drink.

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