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Eating & Drinking in Greece - Foods in Greece

Information on wining and dining in Greece, restaurants and tavernas, regional specialties, Greek beers, Greek recipes, regional products, cheeses, wine, wineries and vineyards. Greece food.
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Find your own frappe in Greece - a great way to keep you going on a hot day of sightseeing. And learn my money-saving tricks.

Favorite Greek Tavernas
What's Your Favorite Greek Taverna? Tell me about it! Almost everyone who goes to Greece comes home with memories of a favorite Greek taverna - and usually a photo or two of it. Here's your chance to share your favorite Greek taverna. See submissions

Dining Out Greek for the Timid
Greek Dining - Don't know your mousse (or moose) from a moussaka? Here's help.

Good Morning, Greece
Say Good Morning to Greece and learn my secret to a great Greek breakfast.

Best Places to Drink a Beer in Greece
What are the best places to drink a beer in Greece? You tell me!

Greek Garlic
Greek Garlic - we don't associate garlic with Greek cuisine the way we do with Italian food - but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Find out how to enjoy Greek garlic on your trip to Greece.

Greek Wines & Wine Country
Greece - Wines and Wine Country. Taste the wines of Hellas. From deTraci Regula.

Logari features the secrets of cooking traditional Cretan Cuisine.

Spondi Restaurant in Athens Greece often tops lists of the best Greek restaurants. Is it worth a visit on your trip to Greece?

Dining Out Greek for the Timid
A moussaka is not a small chocolate mousse! Dine bravely and know what you're ordering, at home and in Hellas.

Make Red Eggs for Greek Easter
Greek Easter Eggs - Bright red Easter eggs are an important symbol of Easter in the Greek Orthodox practice, and they are used to adorn special easter foods as well. They can be easily made using all natural dye made from onion skins and vinegar.

How to Eat a Snail on Crete
How to eat a snail on Crete. What to do when presented with a plate of snails at a traditional Cretan restaurant.

Books on Greek cooking and cuisine
Want to bring home the flavors of Greece? With these books, you can - without overweight luggage.

Athena's Gift - Olives and Olive Oil
Athena won the hearts of the Greeks with her gift of olives.

What foods can you bring back from Greece?
Traveling from Greece? Find out what foods you can bring back from Greece without hassles (or fines) at the airport.

Greek Travel Books - Herbs in Cooking - Cooking of Greece
A look at "Herbs in Cooking" by Maria and Nikos Psilakis, describing Greek herbs and their uses in cooking and medicine.

Greek Yogurt - Another Reason to Travel to Greece
I don't like yogurt. So why do I find myself fantasizing, again and again, about my first time with Greek yogurt?

Good Morning, Greece
Here's my secret to a great Greek breakfast.

Greek Beers
Native beers are just hanging on in Greece; sample them while you can!

Greek Food and Cooking
Find out all the secrets of Greek food and cooking from Nancy Gaifyllia, About.com's Guide to Greek Cooking.

Greek Mountain Tea
greek mountain tea

Ooh - Ouzo
Greek lightning fit for Zeus's thunderbolts. Find out about this seriously intoxicating beverage of Greece.

Retsina - Greek Wine of the Gods
Pine wine? Check out an acquired taste that may be worth acquiring.

Top Picks on Foods from Greece
Find your favorite flavors from Greece available on-line.

Greek Restaurants in the U.S.
From GreekCuisine.com, a thorough index to Greek and Greek-owned restaurants throughout the United States. Names and addresses only.

Matt Barrett recounts in detail his adventures with ouzo on the isle of Lesbos.

Vegan Dining in Greece
Tips on maintaining a vegan diet while traveling or living in Greece.

Greek Restaurant Secrets
Avoid tourist traps and find real Greek restaurants in Greece and the Greek islands.

Filo Dough
Filo Dough - What is Filo Dough? This Greek essential deserves a place in your kitchen, even if you don't cook Greek food. How to handle Greek filo dough.

Pita bread in Greece - why is it so hard to get pita bread in Greece? Find out about pita bread - and what you may end up eating instead in Greece.

Most travelers to Greece think they know what a "Gyros" is - but do they, really? Here is what "gyros" means in Greece.

Christmas Feast Prices in Greece
Each year, the price of preparing a Christmas dinner in Greece is monitored by the Greek Ministry of Development. In 2010, the price dropped about 15 percent from the same family feast in 2009. Will this price drop stick around for Christmas 2011?

Crete on the Half Shell
Considering starting your own taverna in Greece? This book should cure you of that while entertaining you with tales of food in Crete.

Greek Wines
Greek wines should have a home-turf advantage - some say that winemaking originated in Greece - but it's only now that Greek wines are starting to show their fullest potential.

Drinking in Greece
Drinking in Greece - what is the legal drinking age in Greece? How old do you have to be to legally drink in Greece? Find out right here.

Best Dining in Greece - Readers' Choice Award
Vote for your favorite Fine Dining restaurant in Greece

Milos Island Dining
Milos is a fun island for foodies, with a generally excellent array of traditional tavernas.

Gluten-Free Travel in Greece
Travel can be challenging with special dietary restrictions. Can gluten-free be managed in Greece?

Things to Eat in Greece

The Unrepentant Greek Sausage

The Spirits of Greece
As one of the creators of fermentation and distillation, Greece has a long history of intoxicating beverages - here are some of the ones you'll encounter on your trip to Greece - or at the Greek gourmet shop.

Best Seaside Dining in Greece

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