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A Quick Guide to the Dodecanese Islands

Wild and civilized, your dream island may be here


A walkway on the Dodecanese island of Symi.

A walkway on the Dodecanese island of Symi.

Peter Sommer Tours, used by permission.

What You Need to Know about the Dodecanese
Links to overviews of the Dodecanese islands, island-hopping tours between islands, yachting information, and more.

A happy, windmill-crowned island with a rich folklore, and lots of traditional villas for visitors.

Rich in folkloric traditions, the wild beauty of Carpathos (Karpathos) captures its lucky visitors.

Famous in antiquity, enjoyed in modernity, Cos (Kos) is a great retreat and fascinating destination, especially loved by modern followers of Hippocrates, the island's most famous son.

Hotels, sightseeing, and more information on this charming isle.

Kalymnos and Telendos
Renowned for sponge fishers, Kalymnos and Telendos don't sponge off their visitors. Find out how to visit these unspoiled islands.

The fine harbor at Lakki has brought visitors to Leros for centuries; it also made it a worthy prize. The British War Cemetary draws many visitors each year.

This beautiful Dodecanese island is still a tourist secret, known to few.

This charming little island, also called Castellorizo or Kastellorizo, draws visitors looking for relaxation.

A Virgin in a Cave and volcanic formations make Nissiros (Nysiros) a fascinating getaway.

Visit the Cave of Revelations on the island where St. John stayed.

Rodos, the Island of the Sun, still attracts sunworshippers.

Vines and wines, characterize Samos, big enough to be entertaining, yet still not a busy destination despite direct flights from Gatwick. August wine festival.

A beautiful island nestled near the Turkish coast, offering gorgeous seaside mansions, deep blue sea, and the summer Symi International Festival.

Walkers love Tilos with its miles of old mule tracks and charming bays and coves. Tourism is just beginning to discover Tilos -go now.

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